My Weight Loss Workout Program for the Gym


Anyone who knows me will never believe that I’m started going to the gym, but with a “little” help from my Scottish friends Beitris and Bruce I did it! I’ve started my weight loss workout program for the gym.

Actually the program is not mine because I don’t have a clue about the gym and neither about the weight loss workout program at all, but luckily here’s Beitris and she has a huge experience in gymnastics and athletics because she was a gym teacher and a successful athlete, so she is guiding me through all this new experience which I genuinely appreciate. Without my two friends, probably,  I wouldn’t ever have started visiting the gym.

Weight Loss Workout For The Gym

I was scared of all that strange and to me unknown gym machines. I felt embarrassed about going there alone and don’t have a clue what to do. I thought everyone will stare and make fun of me because I’m fat and confused. Well I was WRONG! There are a lot of people like me. It’s not like in the movies where you can see only top fit supermodels on those weird machines. I knew I’m in a bad shape because since I was working with computers I didn’t had any kind of “normal” physical activity. I’ve become fat and I had no strength to do anything to get rid of excess weight.

Well, Beitris has started going to the gym a month ago and Bruce joined her about two weeks later. One day he told me: “You should join us in a gym!” and that was it. He triggered something in me and I have started going to the gym with them and finally doing something good for myself.

My weight loss workout program consists of the following:

  • Diet:
    • No bread at all!
    • No sweets (cakes, chocolate, etc.)
    • No fast food (hamburgers, chips, etc.)
    • Breakfast: I never used to have breakfast and I still can’t. I know it’s not healthy, but I just can’t eat in the morning.
    • Lunch: mostly Mediterranean cuisine (pasta, fish, etc.)
    • Dinner: different kind of salads + COTTAGE CHEESE with dried fruit (sultanas, cranberries…)
    • Lots of fruit
    • No alcohol (well, this is not true, 😉 but at least I’m not drinking that often as I did in the past.)


  • Gym workout (four times per week, an average of 1 hour per day):
    • Exercise Bike – at least 10km/6.4mi (30 minutes)
    • Leg Machines – 10 minutes
    • Chest & Shoulder Machines – 10 minutes
    • Treadmill – 15 minutes

Feel free to test yourself with the new Fitness Calculators and check out the Calories Table

This is a simple chart that shows my progress at loosing weight (updated every 7 days). 

(Move your cursor over any point of the graph to see the weight value.)

1st Week – Weight Loss Workout

  • March, 16th: I’ve joined the gym.

2nd Week – Weight Loss Workout

  • Update (March, 23rd): As you can see on the chart, yesterday my weight raised up again. The reason is I’ve been stupid! Two nights ago I was at the pub and had a few drinks and when I’ve got back home I had a sandwich before sleep. I will try not to do it again 😉 I hope 🙂
  • Update (March, 24th): Another 400 grams lost. It goes slow, but every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better! 😀
  • Update (March, 25th): Incredibly, I lost another 1100 grams! I don’t understand how? We have not been in the gym yesterday. Maybe my new scale is defective. Never mind, it’s essential that I lose weight 🙂 🙂
  • Update (March, 26th): Another 600 grams lost!  I’m looking forward to the next gym session. 😉

3rd Week – Weight Loss Workout

  • Update (March, 28th): Got back my 600 grams because of the Easter lunch (damn, my mom’s Ravioli with asparagus were so delicious…), but I’m sure I’ll get rid of them today in the gym 😉
  • Update (March, 31st): The Easter’s 600 grams have gone! 😉 It was a really good session at the gym yesterday.
  • Update (April, 1st): Another 400 grams lost! 🙂 I hope that the number 93 will appear tomorrow on the chart (it will probably appear today, but I’m measuring the weight every morning and I don’t want to cheat just to show a terrific weight loss. Let’s keep it real) !
  • Update (April, 2nd): 93.8 kg!!! Yes, yes. yeeeeessssss 🙂
  • Update (April, 3rd): I’ve lost “only” 100 grams from yesterday, but last night I was at a birthday party and I had a couple of glasses of wine, but I’ve been a good boy, I didn’t abuse too much ha ha ha. 🙂 I will try to do my best today at the gym!

4th Week – Weight Loss Workout

  • Update (April, 5th): Another 500 grams lost! 😉
  • Update (April, 6th): The 500 grams are back, but not to worry, I’m gonna kill them today at the gym. 😉 I must avoid our favorite pub, their wine is not good for the diet! 😀 😀 😀
    • I’m ready for the gym. I’ve just weigh myself before leaving my house and I got a mega surprise, 92.6 kilos (so, since this morning I’ve lost 1100 grams)! 😀
  • Update (April, 7th): I’ve struggled yesterday at the gym, but since yesterday morning I’ve lost 1300 grams! Mission accomplished! 😉
  • Update (April, 10th): I’m a little bit disappointed, I’ve got 800 grams since yesterday morning. 🙁 I don’t understand where are they coming from! I’ve been in the gym yesterday and didn’t had “drinks” at all. Well, not to worry, I’m gonna get rid of them tomorrow!!!

5th Week – Weight Loss Workout

  • Update (April, 11th): I was on trip with friends yesterday. We’ve visited the car’s show in Zagreb and we walked for about 8 kilometers there. We had beans for lunch and on a way back home we’ve stopped at the Putniku restaurant and we had some superb seafood and wine. So this week I must work hard at the gym to get rid of all the weight that I got last week!
    • I just got back from the gym and my hips sore to freak out 🙁

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