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My 2nd Trip to Glasgow – May-June 2016

(This is the unedited version, so excuse me for the grammar)

I’ve just arrived home from my second trip to Glasgow. My heart is full of positive emotions and beautiful memories which now I want to share with you my friends.

People make Glasgow!


A few months ago I got a magnificent gift from my friends Beitris and Bruce (hereinafter Mr.B). It was a plane ticket to a destination of my choice! In February as first choice I’ve picked Berlin. I thought Mr.B and I could visit our good friends Veggie and Mark, but then I’ve got a new website to build so we’ve decided to postpone the trip. Later when I’ve finished the job we decided to take a trip in late May, but we knew that our friends from Berlin will come over to Croatia in that period, so I had to choose another destination. Of course I’ve picked Glasgow! 🙂

pula airport
Pula Airport

Beitris booked the plane tickets and hired a car for us. She’s very good at organizing stuff! 😉

May 25th: We’ve got a pleasant and direct flight from Pula to Edinburgh with only 20 passengers on a plane. At the Edinburgh Airport there was a shiny brand new Vauxhall Corsa waiting for us, so we took a ride to our main destination: Glasgow. Mr.B is a very good and fast driver, but his skills didn’t helped us a lot this time, because of a traffic jam caused by a roadworks. Finally after an hour and a half queuing on the highway we’ve arrived to the Glasgow’s rush hour. Trust me, I wasn’t stressed because I was in the city of my dreams! The weather was perfect, sun and about 17ºC which is not bad at all for Scotland.

Anyway, we’ve arrived to Glasgow, parked our racing car and went for the deserved drinks. Mr.B took me to a pub called Times Square (which made a lot of confusion on my Facebook profile lol) and I had my first Scottish ale “Belhaven Best” (I wish I could have one right now 😉 ). After that we went to buy some food supplies because we decided to stay at the apartment the first night.

May 26th: The weather wasn’t good as the day before, we had a bit of rain. In the afternoon I’ve got an invite from our common friend Penny to join her in the night out at The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall. I’ve had no idea what would we do there, I knew she’s a teacher and she’s into art (which I’m not), but I’ve also knew that Penny is a very good company, full of positive energy and fun so I’ve accepted her invite. Once there, I was amazed by the old theater. There were a group of  about 20 people enjoining themselves in a small Burlesque party. They were dancing to the Charleston music. It was so good watching them, but not join them because I can dance only if I’m drunk 😉


We’ve left the Burlesque party at 9:30PM and went to my favorite gay bar in Glasgow (guess which one lol) Delmonicas. There was a “Quiz night” party going on and I don’t know how, but we joined the quiz (I blame Penny of course 😉 ). We had a real good fun in there and we met a young couple of girls. One of them is lesbian (Sarah) the other is her best friend (Anny). Sarah and I went out for a smoke (the Scottish word for smoke is “fag” lol) and we were talking about my country Croatia, she said she’s never been there, but she would love to visit it one day.

The young boy who was smoking beside us joined our conversation. He said that his boyfriend and him visited Dubrovnik and they found the old town beautiful, but too expensive and the people are old fashioned homophobes. He apologized for offending my country, but I told him that there’s nothing to apologize for, I totally agreed with what he said. By this I don’t want to offend Dalmatia or any other part of my country, but everyone knows that Croatia is at least 50 years behind Scotland regarding the LGBTQ rights, tolerance etc.

He told me he’s a teacher in the elementary school. I’ve asked him whether the school knows he’s gay? Yes, he said, I have no problems about that. I can’t imagine a gay teacher in my country. He would be kicked out of the school immediately. 🙁 Let’s hope one day the homosexuality will become “normal” here too.

May 27th: In the morning Mr.B and I have visited the Pollok Country Park. Let the photos speak for themselves.

May 28th: With a huge encouragement from Mr.B, I went to Delmonicas on my own. I’ve arrived there about 7 p.m. The bar wasn’t too busy I’ve ordered my first beer and got a seat. A couple of minutes later I went outside for my usual fag 😉 Guess who approached me? A girl. A stunningly good looking female. (What the hell? Not again!) We started the usual conversation (where are you from, what are you up to…). She said, she’s bisexual and she’s on her first date. She offered her to buy me a drink and if I would join them on their table, she would like to introduce me to a guy who is on their table. Sincerely I was a bit embarrassed, but what the hell, why not? So I did.

The guy was in his late 30’s, good looking, fit, but full of himself. He avoided to talk to me and after a couple of drinks I decided that it’s time to do something, so I’ve decided to apologize myself and  leave their table, but before that I had to go to the toilette. When I’ve came back, they disappeared, which made all easier. 😉


Anyway I left Delmonicas and went on my new mission to discover the Waterloo bar which is 11 minutes away. Consider that I was already half drunk so as first I’ve got lost in Merchant City so I’ve turned on the GPS Navigon app on my mobile phone and instead of 11 I’ve arrived in Waterloo in 30 minutes (by foot) I’ve got a bit sober on the way 😉  I’ve walked into the bar at 10:30 p.m. and it was crowded by a mixture of females and males mostly over 50 y.o. and all happy. The music was perfect for my taste, 70’s & 80’s rock, pop and disco.

I’ve ordered my first drink at the bar (a double vodka with coke) and drank it like water because I was so thirsty after all that walking. 😉 Of course immediately after that I went outside for a fag. When I was outside smoking I thought “there’s nothing inside for me except the music and cheap drinks” so I’ve booked the cab through my Hampden Cabs app, but instead of waiting outside I went back to the bar for the last drink and then the magic happened 😉

I’ve ordered my second double vodka with coke, the barmen served me and told me something that I haven’t understood because of the loud music so I held out my palm and told him to help me choose the right change because I’m not from there and my Glaswegian is not that good. 😉 On my right side, there was a guy, my age, good looking, he whispered to me “don’t worry, the barmen is Irish and your English is better then his.” 

We started the usual conversation (what’s your name, where are you coming from etc…) he said his name is Douglas (but I’m not sure yet, I’m very bad at remembering names) and I’ve offered if I can buy him a drink. He was drinking the same as me. Two minutes later he bought a second round of drinks for us. That was the time to leave or to cancel the cab. Guess what I did, I left, f**k no, I’ve canceled the cab. 😉


The bar’s closure time (12 p.m.) has arrived and we both had no intention to stop partying, so Douglas said he knows a pub not far away which is not a gay bar, but it’s open till 3 p.m. so we left Waterloo and went to the other one which, of course, I don’t remember the name. 😉 In front of the pub, there was a huge queue, but my new friend knew someone inside and we went in without queuing, like VIP guests ha ha ha. The pub was full of happy drunk people and there was a karaoke party going on. I had a great desire to go and sing, but Douglas was more important and more interesting then the karaoke. 😉 We drank a lot and we closed that pub too.

He said “let’s have a walk and maybe we’ll found some other pub or club which is still open” and so we did. Thanks God after 30 minutes walking we’ve found nothing! 🙂 I said that it’s late and maybe it should be better if we go for a sleep and meet again the next day. He agreed with me. I offered him to share a cab, but he said he lives in the opposite part of Glasgow. Also he asked me if we could walk a little bit more, he would like to stay in my company and also the cab will be cheaper for me.

At that moment I realized that I’m almost out of money and I won’t have enough for the cab! That night I’ve had 60 pounds and I’ve spent almost all of them. Douglas took his wallet and puled out 10 pounds. He said “take this, you will pay me back tomorrow.” I was so embarrassed and I thanked him, but I refused the money. He insisted so hard and at the end I took them. I hugged him thankfully. Well, he might thought it’s more than that, so he hugged back and started kissing me in the middle of the street. I’ve got embarrassed even more. I’ve forgot that I’m in Glasgow, not in the f*****g conservative Croatia. He noticed that and he told me to relax, no one gives a s**t about two dudes kissing each other. It’s Glasgow!

We kept walking on the way to Gowan Hill, we took the pedestrian bridge over the river Clyde. In the middle of the bridge he stopped and turned to me. I knew he wanted more hugs & kisses and so did I, but that sense of fear was still there. What if someone comes and see us kissing? Well it disappeared very quick when he started kissing me and touching all over. I’ve got so excited, but I pleased him to stop because if we have to do something more, I don’t want to do it in public. I told him that the day after I will have my own room in a hotel in Merchant city, so if we’re gonna still feel the same, we can do it in our privacy. It was hard to stop for both of us, but we did it (I mean we’ve stopped 🙂 ).

Douglas walked me over the bridge and we went on a nearby street to catch a cab. It was 4:30 a.m. and we’ve been lucky, because we didn’t had to wait for long. A black cab arrived and took me to my apartment. You’re wondering where is Douglas in this part of the story? Well, Douglas disappeared in the dark of the night…

May 29th: I’ve walked up at 9 a.m. with a major hangover. Actually I’ve been waken up by Mr.B who couldn’t wait any more to hear the news from my first night out in Glasgow on my own! When I’ve told him the story about my new friend Douglas, he couldn’t stop laughing, but when I mentioned him that Douglas lent me 10 pounds and that I’m not sure whether Douglas is his name, Mr.B almost felt from the chair. 🙂 I told him that we forgot to exchange our contacts, but we’re gonna meet at Delmonicas in the evening. He couldn’t believe. 😉 He told me “I brought a whore to Glasgow!” 😉 Anyway, after those updates he seen that I’m fighting my hangover and he left me to rest.

In the afternoon Mr.B drove to my hotel where I stayed the next three nights. The Merchant City Inn hotel is situated in front of the well known and biggest gay club in Glasgow, The Polo Lounge and less then a minute from Delmonicas Gay bar. I’ve booked my room through and I must say that for the quality of the room, the breakfast and the services, 40 pounds per night is a perfect deal!

In order to get rid of the hangover I’ve decided to go for a long walk through Merchant city.

 After the long walk I came back to my room, had a shower and went to Delmonicas to meet Douglas, but he wasn’t there. I ordered a beer and drank it slowly hoping that he will pop in. 30 minutes later, still nothing. I went for another walk hoping that when I came back he will be there waiting for me. I was wrong. Another beer, another 30 minutes… Nothing… I couldn’t drink any more, the headache was there knocking on my doors. 😉 I thought I’ll go for a quick rest in my room and I’ll come back to check whether he’s arrived. I layed down on my bed and in no time I’ve felt asleep.

May 30th: To be continued… Stay tuned!

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Written by Dario

My name is Dario, I’m 44 years young and I live in Croatia (at the moment). I’m not a writer, so please don’t expect any kind of up level stories or posts from me! 😉 I’m just trying to do my best to put a smile on everyone’s face whenever it’s possible.


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