Tips for Creating a City Garden

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City gardens need ingenuity to grow. Whether you are working with an itty-bitty balcony, a roof terrace, or a lush cityscape, with a little planning and dedication, you can turn it into an urban retreat. Here are a few tips to help you turn your space into a city garden.

Why Do You Want A City Garden?

You need to figure out beforehand how much space you need. Think about what you want to do in this space. Are you planning to do yoga, lounging, morning coffee or to host family dinners? This is key to most of your decisions. It will drive most of your choices including where you will place the furniture, where you will put your plants and how to address noise and privacy.

Find the Right Location

If you want your plants to flourish in your urban garden, make sure your preferred location receives enough sunlight. If this is not possible, opt for artificial light sources like lamps or bulbs. Also, factor in the wind when choosing a location. In case your area experiences strong windy conditions, plant trees that are less wind resistant to allow the wind to pass through them.

Sketch Out a Plan

Just like interior designing, landscaping also involves flowing, transitioning and creating a focal point. In case you are working in a small space, sketch your design on a grid. Use squares and rectangles to maximize your limited space.

Be Realistic About Upkeep

All plants need regular watering and pruning to flourish. Consider your schedule first before settling on the plants. If you are on the road most days, a well-furnished terrace with an occasional bouquet from the farmer’s market is ideal for your schedule.

Consider the climate of your area. Some plants require a lot of sunlight and will wither if put under shady spots. In case your garden does not receive proper sunlight, find plants that thrive in the shade such as ferns, camellia, rhododendron, and azalea. If you are planning on a full sun rooftop garden or balcony, sedums and other ornamental grasses are ideal as they do well in full sun and do not need to be connected to an irrigation system.

Rodents and Other Pests

Prepare yourself to battle pests and diseases especially if you have plants that drop fruit. You should be aware that your city garden will attract rodents due to its hospitable habitat. These gardens have water, food, and shelter all in abundance for rats. However, there are various things you can do to steer off pests, and they include;

  • Ensuring there is no standing water
  • Cleaning the garden as often as possible especially if you have a bird feeder
  • Secure garbage bins with tightly shutting lids

Flexible Furniture

In case you have a small space, invest in furniture with inbuilt storage. This will offer you a place to store your gardening tools and hoses while saving space. Wicker furniture replacement cushion that can be folded and a table that fits your needs is a great way to make your city garden look lavish.

Paint Your Small Shaded Balcony

If your balcony has another balcony right above it, paint the ceiling to add a new dimension to your space. Sunny yellow, for example, is a vibrant color to lighten up your space.

There are many things that you can do to your city garden to turn it into your oasis. Take time to read lots of garden magazines for tips and ideas on city gardens. Invest in colorful, draping, and textural plants for an overall aesthetic beauty. Take time to nurture it until it turns into the perfect city garden.

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