Thousands of people celebrated Pride across the UK today

Thousands of people attended Pride events across the world UK today marking anniversaries and breaking records with the turnout.
Swindon and Wiltshire, Liverpool, Norwich, Nottingham, and Yarm (Middlesbrough) all held annual events drawing thousands of Pride marchers.

In Liverpool, Pride goers were treated to a performance by Atomic Kitten and the sunshine!
Crowds flocked to the Pride event sporting all the rainbows.
(Photo by aquininuk/Twitter)

Families were at the event too.
(Photo by BooBooMgrew/Twitter)
And of course, the Queen made an appearance.
(Photo by ImagineIndep01/Twitter)
In Nottingham, Pride goers broke a record with their turnout as 6,000 people paraded for the annual festival – the largest turnout recorded yet.
Councillor Michael Edwards, the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, who took part in the parade said: “I was very pleased to take part. There’s a lot of positive stories about LGBT issues in Nottingham.
“We enjoy the parade itself but it is also important to keep accepting each other and loving each other.”
Of course, everybody had lots of balloons.
(Photo by queencenedra/Instagram)
And even more flags.
(Photo by large_weezy/Instagram)
And of course, they had amazing signs.
(Photo by deborahstlouis/Instagram)
In Norwich, the people matched their rainbow outfits.
(Photo by rosie_wigley58/Instagram)
And the trees even got in the Pride spirit.
(Photo by decaferacer/Instagram)
In Swindon, the Pride festival celebrated its 10th birthday.
Wiltshire Police sponsored the event.
Chief Constable Mike Veale said: “This is not political correctness, there’s a strong business case for our commitment to reducing bigotry and ignorance.”
As the force supported the event, they made sure that their officers and cars were fully decked out in the rainbow for the occasion.

(Photo by meandmy1972/Instagram)
And of course, there was an incredible amount of glitter and confetti!
(Photo by ialexmo/Instagram)
Happy Pride!

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