This hilarious site lists all the valid reasons to vote No in the Australian same-sex marriage ballot

There are many reasons to vote Yes in Australia’s ongoing same-sex marriage postal vote.
Moral reasons, practical reasons, just wanting to be a good person – these are all valid.

Ellen DeGeneres put it in beautiful, simple terms yesterday when she wrote: “I appreciate my wife every day. I can’t imagine calling her anything else.”
There are also valid reasons to vote No, though.
I mean, there must be, right? Otherwise why is this even a debate?

Why is Australia having an expensive postal vote?
Why doesn’t Parliament just vote through same-sex marriage without costing taxpayers up to $122 million?
Why has Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull instead created a vote that has led to a flood of homophobic hate speech, including posters which call gay people “child abusers” and “terrorists”?

The Australian Christian Lobby has claimed that equal marriage will lead to “radical gay sex education” in schools – an argument which has become widespread on the No side.
And a widely ridiculed TV advert created by Coalition for Marriage told viewers that same-sex marriage could mean their kids being encouraged to cross-dress or – heaven forbid – roleplay as same-sex couples.
A hilarious parody of that advert which said marriage equality could turn your children into birds went viral, possibly showing that the CfM’s message wasn’t too successful.
Don’t worry though, No side: a new website has got you covered.
25 Logical Reasons To Vote No was set up to concisely explain all those dozens of good reasons to position yourself against equal marriage.
Created by some wonderful person living in Seattle, US, the site buffers, telling readers: “Thinking…”
A few seconds later, the screen changes, explaining: “Nope, nothing yet…
“Still working on it…
“Still nothing…
“I know once we get the first one the rest will be easy…”

And finally, when the site has racked its brain as much as it can, it gives up.
“SORRY. We’re f***ing stumped.
“Check back soon.”
Something tells me that checking back soon won’t make the No side any more logical.

What do you think?

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