These comics about ending it with your girlfriend will break your heart

An artist has created a very true-to-life comic about breaking up with her girlfriend.

You’re going to need a tissue for this one…

Maria Izquierdo Barri created the “WE BROKE UP” comic series and publishes them on her Tumblr page.

A comic earlier this year raised more than $165,000 for the victims of the Orlando Pulse massacre.

Barri’s comics feature a number of very relatable situations faced by the newly single.

From accidentally referring to her ex as her “girlfriend” to accidentally holding hands with a man in the street, Barri has a comic for every situation.

But even when she is addressing coming out to a parent, Barri does it in a relatable, honest and funny way.

Check out a selection of the comics below:

Barri publishes new comics on her Tumblr every Monday.

Marvel earlier this year moved to quash speculation that two warriors in the upcoming film Black Panther will be in a lesbian relationship.

The live-action remake was the first major Disney film to feature an unambiguously gay character, and smashed box office records despite an attempted evangelical boycott.

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