Psychedelic Rock Band Releases Music Video With Homosexual Themes

The Bash Dogs

A beautiful transgender drives a vintage Porsche while handling massive snakes and politely conversing  with elderly women sipping on alcohol. The only chance one has to witness this scene will probably be when he/she watches The Bash Dogs’ new official music video for their track “She’s Got a Gun.” This artistically constructed music video for the gut-busting song pushes the limits of rock videos with its dark, edgy tone. The combination of simple lyrics and mysterious scenes gives a chance for the audience to interpret their own message, whether it is feminism, the conquering of evil, or the promotion of homosexuality/transgenderism. The Bash Dogs created this enchanting video to open up the creativity of the audience.

Inspired by the classics of Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and The Beatles, brothers Nate and Jeremy Barrett (10 and 8-years-old at the time) formed The Bash Dogs as young rockers in 2005. The brothers met their funky bass player Nathan Schmok in high school by scouting him in performances in the school’s jazz band. Now writing heavy rock riffs with elements of surf and ’60s psychedelia, the band creates a raw, garage rock n’ roll sound that stirs up a rowdy crowd of stage divers and moshing fans. Aside from selling out SoCal venues such as The Constellation Room (at The Observatory), SOMA, The Roxy, House of Blues and plenty more, The Bash Dogs also won 1st place at the KROQ Battle of the Bands. The band’s most memorable times include: touring colleges in Colorado, Northern and Southern California, playing the LA KISS Game at the Honda Center, performing with some of their own favorite bands, and of course getting rowdy
with the loyal fans.

“The Bash Dogs have a resume to impress.”
-Golden Voice

The “She’s Got a Gun” music video was premiered last Friday as The Bash Dogs headlined a concert at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California. This was the same day the new track was released on Spotify, and in one week it has become their number 1 song. The music video officially released to the public on Youtube last night so everyone now has a chance to watch it.


Please stay in touch with The Bash Dogs at [email protected] for
questions, interviews, suggestions or anything else.
Thank you so much for your time!

-Emily Morenz (The Bash Dogs Manager)
Instagram: @thebashdogs

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Written by Dario

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