How To Start Your Own Organic Garden

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The fact that organic gardening is steadily gaining popularity is no surprise. This practice is more healthful, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, considering that every fruit, seed, nut or vegetable you need could be found in your backyard. Are you planning on starting your own organic garden? Here are helpful tips you can use:

Plan Your Crops

Know what you want to plant and why. That way, you can plan the layout of your garden to determine which species can be planted next to each other. This will help ensure that you have a healthy garden and healthy plants.

Know Your Zone

Whether you start planting seeds, seedlings or saplings, it is important to know which plants grow best in your area. You should also know the type of soil you have. That way, you can make the proper adjustments needed to ensure healthy plant growth.

Of course, you could still plant fruits and vegetables of your choice even with bad soil or unfriendly weather conditions. You could, for example, grow plants in pots and containers, or build a greenhouse to control the environment and create the best conditions for the plants.

Use What You Have

Starting an organic garden need not be expensive. In fact, you could utilize old containers you already have. Check your kitchen, pantry, garage or shed for old wooden crates, pots, cans, cartons, pails and buckets. As long as the container can withstand exposure to sun and water, it will do well as a plant receptacle.

If you must buy your containers, look for sturdy products with tapered sides that let leaves and stems slip out easily. Make sure that the container has a minimum depth of 3 inches so you can fill it with enough soil or soil mixture. Shallow trays are also good as starter containers to allow seeds to take root. In time, however, the seedlings will have to be transferred to a deeper container.

Use Clean Containers

Old containers should be washed with soap and lukewarm water (add a few drops of bleach to kill germs) if dirty. Allow the containers to dry completely before filling with soil.

Use the Right Soil Mix

Planting mixes are formulated to maximize the growth and survival potential of seeds, cuttings, and seedlings. Ask your local nursery or garden supplier for the best mix to use for the types of plants you plan to grow.

You could make your own soil mix as long as you use a careful method that prevents contamination. The introduction of bacteria and fungi into the soil mixture could affect the health of the plant. Older plants are stronger and could withstand the contamination, but younger plants, especially those that have yet to take root may not be as resilient.

If you can, use sterile planting mixes. These are usually available at nurseries and gardening supplies shops. They are safer to use with new plants and minimizes any problems with contamination or infection.

Label Your Seeds

It can be difficult to tell which seed is which variety, and it can be so easy to mix up containers especially if they are the same color, size, and design. Avoid confusion by labeling your containers using plant markers. This will allow you to identify the plants correctly, water and fertilize them as needed, and give them the right type of care for different stages in their growth.

Provide Sufficient Lighting

Plants need light to grow healthy, so make sure your plants receive the right amount of sunlight. Although natural light is best, you could provide artificial light sources such as lamps or bulbs to give young plants what they need to grow healthy. I’m sure that if you’ve read the entire article, you might be interested in enriching your knowledge more about organic gardening if so consider visiting Build Great Farms.

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