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Did somebody say FREE wine!?

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Yes, you heard that correctly! FREE WINE! WHAAAAAT?!

When I first heard about the ability to get premium wine shipped to my door monthly FOR FREE without any shipping or sales tax. I was like SIGN ME UP. The service is available in the US and soon to be Canada (although you can sign up if you want to pay a duty tax) and VERY SOON the United Kingdom.

If you love wine and/or want to learn more about different wines, this is a fantastic program. The company is called Direct Cellars… yes like “sellers” but with a ‘C’ for wine CELLAR. (Pretty cool huh?!) The company has been around since 2014 and has been providing premium monthly wine subscriptions to people all over the United States. The wine is so good, in fact, that there is a 93% retention rate!!! That’s unheard of!!!!!

free wine

The beauty of this “book club for wines” is that a group of sommeliers, lead by “Wine Whisperer” Jerry Greenfield, is creating this HUGE list of wines and landing contracts with wineries all over the world. For the most part, these selected wines are wines you cannot find in the store. Not to mention, it takes the guess work out of HOPING you get a good wine when you do decide on choosing one at the store.If you don’t like a wine, there is a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. You simply call customer service, let them know you don’t like a bottle and VOILA! A new bottle is sent to your home, no questions asked. You can even use the wine you didn’t enjoy for cooking or whatever your heart desires!

You have the ability to choose ALL red, ALL white, or a combination. I personally like a combo and my husband (who also gets FREE wine) gets all red. We always get different wines every month. In fact, you can send me a friend request on facebook and I can show you some of our wine unboxings!

So, I’m sure at this point you’re wondering what the hook is, right? No one can just give away wine for free! Well you’re right. We can’t. Although I’d love to. We call this the “Refer 3 and It’s Free” program.

If you know three people who drink wine, it’s a hook (1), line (2), and SINKER (3) for FREE wine! For 4 bottles you pay $80 and for 2 you pay $50. That includes your shipping and sales tax. Each bottle retails from $15-$40+ dollars a bottle! When you take away the shipping and sales tax, you’re paying about $12-$14 dollars a bottle! For the convenience and the ability to learn about free wine and expand your palate, it’s a dang good deal! Not to mention, those three you refer, can refer three, and so on, and so forth until everyone in the WORLD is enjoying FREE WINE!

Oh right, I also forgot to mention, you get awesome pairing notes that talk about the vineyard, the wine itself, the tasting notes, and what food it goes well with. You get an education with your monthly box!

There is also a business side where you can make money off of your referrals, which means your wine would be a tax write-off as you would be running a wine business! You don’t need any stock, parties, nor do you have any selling requirements. You pay a flat fee for your one or three year membership and go from there. If you’re interested in MORE information about the business side, contact me ASAP. You can also learn some more information HERE about the wine club AND the business side.

Just want free wine, no problem, you can send me a message at or simply find me on Facebook

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