Skins Generation 1: Where are they now?

Ten years after Skins first graced our screens, we found ourselves wondering – where on earth are the original cast members?
PinkNews brings you the ‘where are they now?’ guide to the ten original main cast members from the hit Channel 4 series.

From Hollywood to office work, the list is a mixed bag of where people find themselves – but they will all always be dear in our hearts.

Since making his debut as Tony in the first generation of Skins as a bit of a player, Hoult has gone from strength to strength.

After playing his girlfriend Michelle off against various other girls, Tony was hit by a car and went through a long period of rehabilitation supported by his friends.
The 27-year-old, since leaving Skins, has found fame in Hollywood, featuring in big-budget movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past as Beast, and in Max Max: Fury Road as Nux.
He also starred in Marcus Brewer in About a Boy alongside Hugh Grant in 2002.

Starring as the ever-troubled girlfriend of Tony, Michelle ‘Nips’ Richardson, Pearson portrayed the loyal character and best friend of Jal.
But her character later had a bit of an affair with Sid, who was infatuated by her for years.
After leaving Skins behind, Pearson has continued acting, working with Skins co-creator Brian Elsley in 2013, in his 2013 show for Channel 4, Dates.
She also starred alongside Martin Kemp in Brit thriller Age of Kill, and has quite a bit of work in post-production.

Bailey dabbled with a bit of acting after leaving Sid behind, the loyal friend to Tony who lusted after Michelle for years.
His character only realised he wanted to be with Cassie when it was too late and she’d already run away – but they have a sort of happy ending in the show.
The actor starred in 2013’s We Are The Freaks and a few other projects before getting a job as a sales and marketing officer in London.
He later became a drama teacher in London.

Arguably another of the more sucessful original cast members, Murray has also found fame in Hollywood since starring as Cassie in the hit show.
Cassie, the troubled but ‘lovely’ friend of everyone, took on some serious issues on Skins including anorexia. After she and Sid finally got together, they still had a bit of a tumultuous relationship.
Murray has starred in HBO’s super-hit Game of Thrones as a regular character Gilly, as well as in the Johnny Depp hit Dark Shadows.
She has also performed on stage alongside Doctor Who star Matt Smith in 2008’s That Face by Polly Stenham and reprised her roles as Cassie in 2013.

A co-star of Murray’s in more than just Skins, Joe Dempsie also stars in Game of Thrones as Gendry.
He played Chris back in the day though, who tragically died after getting together in an unlikely pairing with Jal.

His character threw away the rule book in every situation and took inspiration from Joe Kittinger, who set a record in 1960 for the longest freefall.
Chris’s funeral scene with the fireworks was too much for us.
But since the sadness, he has starred in TV series This is England 90 on Channel 4, as well as Game of Thrones, and various big-budget movies.
He starred alongside Jason Statham in the 2011 film Blitz and has plenty of projects in the works – so keep an eye out.

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