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Shane Euston’s ‘Together’ matches chords with LGBT

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Mumbai – For centuries together songs about freedom and acceptance have been embraced by everyone in love. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community have had the same beliefs. In fact some songs have become anthems for them as there have been many song classics with big-voiced divas in the past also. Emerging and talented Music Director, DJ and Sound Engineer Shane Euston’s, soulful, melodious, soundtrack ‘Together’ is all set to strike a chord not only with the LGBT community but also with the society that believes in love with no boundaries.

The album ‘Sound Waves’ is going to be a compilation of different genres of music, especially experimental music, targeted to attract and inspire LGBT community for their rights. Shot in London and USA, the whole idea of this video is the thought, ‘Love is Everything’. You can love anything.. a pet, a song, a person or even an object. The whole objective of the song is to show that love is purely and simply love.”

Shane being an active supporter of LGBT community feels, “The concept behind this music video is to create awareness and acceptance of LGBT community universally. Society needs know and accept, people of same gender can fall in love. I want to break the norm of stereotypical Indian objection to gay/lesbian couples kissing each other when we have a hetero couple kissing in public. You can’t control your feelings and emotions towards a person, irrespective of the gender.

Shane adds, “Whatever we earn from the sale of this album, we will be donating to the LGBT community.”

Shane Euston has been in the music industry for 14 years now. He has studied music and sound engineering from Point Blank Music School, London, UK, voted as best electronic music school. A naturally talented percussionist, he is currently focused on the music for his album ‘Together’. ‘Distance’, his forthcoming music video is underway, which he believes is equally incredible.


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