Who is the richest LGBT+ person in the world?


The American business magazine Forbes published its annual rich list this week.

The rundown, which comprises of the world’s wealthiest people, reported an increase in billionaires from 1,810 last year to 2,043.

While Bill Gates continues to top the list for a fourth year running with a fortune of $86 billion (ka-ching!), the richest gay man on the list is David Geffen.

The 74-year-old places 170 on the list due to his wealth from musical and theatre management and co-founding DreamWorks Studios. He also has investments in Apple.

Geffen, worth $7.3 billion, was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is favoured for being a self-made man, his parents were Jewish immigrants and he dropped out of education to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani, 82, is worth $6.6b and places at 215th richest in the world. Armani was born in Italy and has designed outfits for Lady GaGa and won GQ’s Man of the Year in 2006.

Giorgio Armani was the first designer to ban underweight models, after the death of model Ana Reston who died of anorexia and bulimia related issues.

Peter Thiel, 49, of PayPal wealth ranked well at 745th richest. Thiel was born in Germany, but spent most of his childhood in South Africa and America.

He is worth $2.7b. However, his overall wealth has decreased by $600 million from 2013. Thiel has made headlines over the past year due to his support for Donald Trump’s presidency. Despite being gay himself, Thiel donated over a million dollars to Trump’s campaign, which included anti-LGBT+ policies.

565 of the billionaires are from America, the country with the largest amount. China has 319 and Germany 114. The United Kingdom has 54 on the list currently.

The richest trans person on the list is Jennifer Pritzker.

After serving as an Army Lieutenant, Pritzker transitioned in 2013, becoming the world’s first trans billionaire. She is a member of a wealthy family, with many other Pritzkers on the list. She ranks 1161 with a net worth of £1.8b.

She is the creator of Tawani Enterprises, a company that mainly worked with real estate holdings. She is a big philanthropist, whose foundations focus around ‘citizen soldier’ support, she makes business and personal donations towards transgender research and charities.

Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons is one of the best paid actors in television currently, earning $1 million for each episode, as does Kaley Cuoco.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson reportedly earns about $250,000 per Modern Family episode, while Caitlyn Jenner, famed for being member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, is worth over $100 million.

Ellen DeGeneres gets $20 million a year. Quite huge when compared to the British equivalents, Graham Norton who gets $5 million a year and Alan Carr, who has a net worth of $12 million.

Words Bonnie Hines

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