Reasons Why Your Cat Sprays

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If you own a cat, there are perhaps few things more annoying than your cat peeing or spraying outside the litter box. If your feline friend is spraying in places other than the litter box, there can be several reasons why these cat spraying issues are happening. Both male and female cats can spray, and if you have two or more cats, it can be a challenge to determine which cat is actually guilty. Understanding why your cat is doing this is key to being able to address the problem of cat spraying effectively.

One common reason a cat sprays can be the state of the litter box. If you aren’t scooping it out regularly, it can become quite unappealing and off-putting to most cats, who understandably then choose to spray elsewhere. It may sound obvious, but you should also make sure that your cat can actually access her box; a swinging door that is stuck closed can simply make your cat avoid the box, and many older cats actually find it difficult to get in and out of the litter box. And if you have two cats, they may not like to share the litter box; having a box for each cat is the only solution, although you shouldn’t place them next to each other.

You may have a hygienic, clean and functional litter box, but where you choose to place it is just as important. The litter box should never be placed next to your cat’s water and food, and if at all possible, should not be in the same room as the water and food. If your cat still isn’t using her litter box, ask yourself if the location could be the reason – the box may be too close to the washing machine or other noisy appliance, or too close to a high traffic area of the house. Cats like their privacy, just as we do.

However, cat spraying issues can also be caused by other factors, especially stress and anxiety. A cat that sprays may be trying to tell you that their home feels overcrowded or noisy, especially if you have multiple cats. Your cat may feel neglected or bored if she sprays, and it may be a sign that you aren’t spending enough time with her. And moving home can be just as stressful for your cat as it is for you, and a change in the routine or environment can cause spraying problems. Cats like to hide and feel safe and secure; always make sure that your cat has access to a closet, a fluffy blanket, a cardboard box or other means of escape.

Cat spraying issues are sometimes a sign that your cat is marking her territory, or is creating a scent that is comforting and familiar in an unfamiliar environment. Your cat may spray your belongings or clothing, especially if they are new and she doesn’t recognize them. It can also be a way for your cat to reassure herself that a person isn’t a threat to them. And your cat may spray as a form of challenge to another cat, even if that cat is outside in the backyard, or may spray to celebrate a victory after fighting or squaring off against another cat.

Although all the above are common reasons for spraying, cat spraying issues can also result from various conditions such as a urinary tract infection. If you just can’t figure out why your cat is spraying, or you feel it’s a sign of an underlying condition, it may be time for a trip to the vet. Your vet may prescribe medication, based on your cat’s age and overall health, or may even refer you to a professional cat behaviorist. If you have a spraying cat issue, it is also well worth investing in a good cleaning product, so you are at least prepared to deal with the mess.

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