Rapper Lil Peep comes out as bisexual ‘Who wants a kiss?’

‘Post-Emo’ rapper Lil Peep has come out as bisexual in a couple of nonchalant tweets.
The New York-born 20-year-old sent a tweet this week simply confirming that he was coming out.

He wrote on Tuesday: “Yes I’m bi sexual”
In a later tweet he added: “Who wants a kiss”.

The rapper, real name Gustav Ahr, has more than 112,000 followers on Instagram and 82,000 followers on SoundCloud.
He posted his debut song on SoundCloud just over a year ago.

In a Pitchfork profile earlier this year, the rapper spoke of his image.
He said: “It’s like professional wrestling—everyone has to be a character.”
“If you’re not a fun enough character, then no one’s gonna f**k with you because you don’t have enough sh*t that’s different.”
According to Pitchfork, Lil Peep’s style is described as “post emo” or “new emo”.
Check out the rapper’s latest song below:

A number of fans responded celebrating Lil Peep’s announcement.
Some also said they would take him up on his offer of a kiss.

One wrote: “gimme a kiss papi”, and another added: “I can’t wait to be a power couple”.
Lil Peep’s coming out as bisexual comes just days after pop sensation Aaron Carter revealed that he also dates men and women.
Carter, who is well known for kick starting his pop career in the 1990s, took to social media to come out to fans last week, quoting singer Boy George.
Now Carter is set to perform on 10 August at Hamburger Mary’s in his hometown of Brandon, Florida.

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