Pure Italian – a new way to find boutique Italian brands and recipes

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Italian cuisine is a delicious dining staple across countless homes in the United States. Families, friends, and couples gather together to create centuries old recipes that have found their way across the sea and into their homes. The essential key in creating these truly authentic Italian recipes is to use the same ingredients that were used with the original recipe. The AIDEPI organization comprised of Italian pasta and confectionery brands have developed “Pure Italian” a campaign and organization designed to educate consumers on these authentic italian ingredients. In an effort to promote the produce, represented brands, and authentic recipes, the organization has created a series of online videos to showcase their products. You can view all of their videos, subscribe to their channel, and learn about new recipes and boutique brands here.

The Brands

pure italian food

Pure Italian currently has four authentic Italian pasta and confectionery brands that it is partnered with and the number of companies joining the list is set to increase in coming months. Currently the Pure Italian organization is comprised of a number of notable brands including: Divella, La Molisana, Panarello and La Molisana. All of these brands are unified in that they produce real authentic italian pastas and confectionary products and export them directly from the local Italian countryside.

The Content

Norman Kai Lee
Chef Norman Kai Lee

The other awesome thing about Pure Italian is the unique curated and easy to access content they’ve been creating. The current website offers a number of easy to watch sub 5 minute recipe videos with up and coming Los Angeles based chefs. These chefs show off their unique ways of making interesting dishes with these natural ingredients. Definitely worth checking out. To learn more about Pure Italian Foods and the companies, brands and foods you can visit them at:

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