Orange is The New Black’s Skinhead Helen looks like a different person off set

If you’re an avid fan of Orange is the New Black (just like us) then you may know that the actors who play some of our favourite characters are a bunch of badass babes.

Each actor on the show has landed themselves a well-earned place in our hearts.

Francesca Curran as Helen in Orange is the New Black (Photo from Instagram/francesca_curran)

From Lea Delaria (Big Boo) who is a long-time champion for LGBT rights to Samira Wiley (Poussey Washington) who recently tied the knot with Lauren Morelli, a writer on the show.

However, one actor has really shone through in season five of the show, Francesca Curren who plays Skinhead Helen Van Maele.

The bald, white supremacist with tattoos covering her neck and eyes is a far throw from the actor in real life though.

The 24-year-old is worlds away from her character in appearance.

Talking about the make-under, the actor explained that it was a real learning curve for her to shave her head and ditch make-up.

Curran said: “In real life, I’m so feminine.

“I’m so girly. I love my makeup, I love my jewellery and all that; so to really be stripped of all that…

“The first time I was like, okay, wow. I found myself in the mirror and was like, this is a striking… what a difference.”

While the short hair and bare face make all the difference to Curran’s appearance, the tattoos she sports in the series are fake.

Francesca Curran as Helen in Orange is the New Black (Photo from Instagram/francesca_curran)

On Instagram, Curran wrote that changing her appearance for the role had been “eye opening”.

She said: “My experience: doing this has been one of the most freeing and eye-opening experiences.

“Real talk – If you want to learn something about who you are, chop off all your hair…whatever makes you happy- just DO IT! Life is so short, what’s to lose?”

The star added that everybody should “do the things they love” and “be happy in what you do”.

“I’d like to spread a little bit of the happiness that I’ve found from being a part of this show. It’s changed my life and made me see things in such a new way. I’d love to share that with all of you today,” she added.

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