Online Survey: Experiences of LGBTQ+ Adults within Physical Activity

By Shannon Herrick, a Master’s student at McGill University


My name is Shannon Herrick. I am a Master’s student at McGill University. My research focuses on understanding the diverse experiences of LGBTQ+ adults within physical activity. More specifically, I am interested in understanding how sexual orientation and gender identity may affect physical activity participation. My goal is to find strategies for making physical activity more inclusive.

I am seeking participants who (1) self-identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, (2) are 18 years or older, and (3) read, speak, and understand English to take part in an online survey about your personal experiences with physical activity, that takes 20-25 minutes to complete. All information you provide will be completely anonymous.

The survey is presented in three parts. The first is a demographics section. Please note that we tried to make this survey as intersectional as possible, but of course, there were some limitations. The second section deals with physical activity experiences, and the third section is dedicated to your specific LGBTQ+ experiences. Since this topic is largely unexplored, and this study is the first of its kind (i.e. there are no questionnaires in existence dedicated to LGBTQ+ experience in physical activity), we had to use questionnaires from physical activity literature, and LGBTQ+ literature.

The online survey is linked here

LGBTQ+ adults within physical activity

Your participation is greatly appreciated, and will help facilitate a deeper understanding of how LGBTQ+ adults experience and relate to physical activity.

Feel free to shoot me a message here on Facebook/tumblr for more information, or e-mail me at [email protected], or contact my supervisor, Dr. Lindsay Duncan at [email protected] for more information.

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