One in ten BBC staff identify as LGBT

One in ten staff at the BBC identify as LGBT, according to data released by the corporation.

The government set diversity quotes for the BBC last year, insisting that “given its role and public service mission the BBC should lead the way in truly representing the diverse communities it serves”.

The Department for Culture Media & Sport underlined corporation’s workforce targets to require “15 percent of senior leadership roles for BAME, ten per cent LGBT and eight per cent for disabled staff… by 2020”.

The BBC has now confirmed it has met the target for LGBT staff, with Broadcast Now reporting that after a company-wide census confirmed that “LGBT staff levels have been pegged at 10.6%, against a 2020 target of 8%”.

Targets for BAME and disabled staff were also met.

The news that so many homosexuals now work in the media has not gone down well with the Christian Institute.

The anti-LGBT evangelical pressure group is claiming that the number of LGBT staff is “six times higher than in population”, citing data from the ONS Annual Population Survey which found “only 1.7 per cent of the UK population” identify as LGBT.

The ONS estimate of LGBT self-identification is significantly less than other academic estimates based on alternative methodologies.

One commenter on the Christian Institue Facebook page said: “Sure, the BBC are full of Cultural Marxists whose ambitions is to undermine the nation state in favour of globalist interests. The Gaystapo is just one part of that agenda.”

Another added: “Considering the nature of their political agendas, this came as no surprise.”

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