What if you could make your own tea blend?

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Finally, I have discovered the perfect way to fine tune each and every one of my teas! The “Make Your Own Tea” offered by BlendBee allowed me to create customized tea blends that I have enjoyed more than I could have imagined. It was a very simple online process that was basically 3 steps. Let me explain …

make your own tea

First, I chose the amount/size I wanted to purchase. I actually wanted to create a few blends that sounded great. I was able to do this by purchasing just a small package (sample size, 1 oz, 10 – 15 cups) of each of my unique creations. The larger packages are going to work great too…now that I have fallen in love with one of my blends and want to purchase more!

The next step was to choose my tea base. I wasn’t familiar with all of the choices, but the options had descriptions to guide my selections. I especially appreciated the recommendation they gave to limit the tea bases, but I could choose as many as I wanted. With so many options for tea bases, I was able to fine tune my tea to meet specific needs.

I was aiming to create a blend with a green tea base, but being sensitive to caffeine, I was hoping for a decaffeinated option. Sure enough, there were many choices, some of which were clearly noted to contain no caffeine. It was also impressive to see organic options available. This is not a detail that I am too particular about, but I do know it is something many people prefer.

The final step to creating my blend was to choose the ingredients. With over 100 to choose from, it was tough to decide, and this was the main reason I created more than one custom blend! With so many ingredients to choose from, the tips offered online were welcoming. If there wasn’t a recommendation to limit the blend to 8 ingredients, I think I would have added much more. It was also very helpful to have so many details about the characters, flavors, and scents of each ingredient as well as ideas about ones that were complementary to one another.

I am totally impressed with the idea to have such a user-friendly way to customize your own tea blend. My experience was great. The site is put together in a way that allows moving through the process to be simple and effortless. The customized blend is able to be unique, but with all of the information and tips provided the finished product was more enjoyable than I could have imagined. And most importantly, my teas arrived a few days later in the mail, and tasted amazing!

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