Lucy Spraggan and her wife have been approved as a foster carers and they couldn’t be happier


Lucy Spraggan and her wife, Georgina Gordon, have been approved as foster carers and they could not be happier.

Spraggan announced the news on Instagram, sharing an image of herself and her partner looking completely overjoyed with the wonderful news.

“Me and my fabulous wife are now officially approved foster carers,” the singer wrote. “Woo!”

She also urged her followers who may be interested in fostering to look into it.

The news comes after the pair were attacked in Brighton following Spraggan’s gig just a few weeks ago.

Two women have since been arrested in connection with the attack.

Fans of Spraggan, who rose to fame after appearing on X Factor, were incredibly happy for the couple and shared congratulatory messages.

One fan wrote: “Congratulations! That you guys are going to be foster parents! Wow that’s amazing!”

“I have been in foster care my whole life and I am so grateful to my foster parents. I had no chance at a good life until they fostered me,” another wrote.

“Being a foster parent will be hard work but also very rewarding when you see that child flourish into something they could never have dreamed of before. I wish you all the luck in the world.”

A different fan added: “They are some super lucky children to get fosterers like you.”

The singer clarified on Twitter that the two were fostering, not adopting.

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