FC Leyton Orient has launched a probe over fans’ homophobic chants

(Photo: Creative Commons/Chris Eason)
Football club Leyton Orient homophobic chants
(Photo: Creative Commons/Chris Eason)

Football club Leyton Orient has launched a probe, after allegations that an opposing team’s fans used homophobic chants before a match.

The incident occurred on Saturday’s League Two clash between Leyton Orient and Luton Town, at Leyton’s Brisbane Road grounds.

According to reports, a section of Luton fans began chanting “do you take it up the arse?” at a group of men in nearby flats.

“We were made aware of homophobic chanting from sections of the Luton Town fans and will be dealing with it retrospectively.

“We are currently reviewing CCTV footage of the incident and will be sharing all relevant information with Luton Town in order to identify any offenders.

“Leyton Orient do not condone homophobic or discriminatory chanting of any sort and offenders will be dealt with in accordance with regulations.”

A Luton spokesperson said: “We will take a review of the situation on Monday, but as a club we do not condone any kind of discriminatory chanting or comments from our supporters, and any serious abuse will be dealt with.”

FIFA recently hit the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) with a $30,000 fine for failing to challenge fans chanting homophobic slurs during international matches.

The country’s fans frequently scream the anti-gay slur “puto”, a derogatory word for a male prostitute or gay man.

It is the third time the FMF has faced such action – and could lead to the Mexican national team being forced to play their upcoming World Cup Qualifier match to an empty stadium, behind closed doors.


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