Jordan’s Top Surgery Fund – Bye Bye Boobies!

Jordan Ryan Santamaria

Jordan’s Top Surgery Fund: The Story

My name is Jordan and I am a transgender male (ftm). Since the age of 4, I’ve known I was different. I told my mother, “mommy, God made a mistake. I think I was supposed to be a boy.”


Jordan's Top Surgery found
Jordan Ryan Santamaria

I am now 35 years old and I can say, out loud, to anyone who asks “I am a transgender man”. This is very liberating. Unfortunately my outsides don’t match my inside just yet. I am currently working with a gender specialist to get me closer to my goal where I can begin testosterone shots in an effort to outwardly be who I’m meant to be. However, top surgery is a huge factor for me and a huge part of my gender dysphoria. My chest is not small and, even with the knowledge that I’ll soon be getting my testosterone shots, I am very anxious and depressed that I cannot do anything about my breasts because I do not have the financial means.

That is why I am creating this fundraiser. I need to find a way to come up with as much as possible to put towards my top surgery. Because my chest is on the larger side, my surgery will be more costly. Insurance does not cover top surgery because most insurance companies do not consider this a legitimate medical/health concern and look at it as merely cosmetic. They refuse to acknowledge the emotional and psychological implications having breasts (especially larger ones) have on transmen.

If you can, donate anything – even $1 would be appreciated. please understand how long I’ve waited for this moment, how long it’s taken me to get to this point, and how much it would mean to one small soul to finally be set free.

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Written by Dario

My name is Dario, I’m 44 years young and I live in Croatia (at the moment). I’m not a writer, so please don’t expect any kind of up level stories or posts from me! 😉 I’m just trying to do my best to put a smile on everyone’s face whenever it’s possible.


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