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The Voyager Global Map is created to showcase ​the positive impact being made by citizens around the world and offer a network for community members.
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Every sunrise is an invitation ​for us to arise ​and brighten someone’s day.

Do you know that every single day ordinary people globally open up their hearts​to touch some other person by way of random acts of kindness? Most often, these not-so-common gesture goes unnoticed and unappreciated.
Have you nearly lost hope in humanity ​but was proved wrong?


Have you lost hope in humanity but decided to “…be the change you want to see”?

global network mapIt takes just a little show of kindness to make someone’s day. Bits of such selfless kindness makes this world go round. It is not the nature or magnitude of the help rendered, it is the impact it has on the recipient that ​makes all the difference.

​All that matters is that you touched a heart.

That little extra mile or effort we put in to put a smile on another’s face is invaluable and immeasurable beyond compare.

This is not as rare as you might have believed. Millions globally are going out of their ways to enhance ​the quality of life of the next person in various ways.

For instance,

In San Francisco, California, USA, thousands poured out with open hearts to make the fantasy and dreams of a 5years old boy diagnosed with leukemia, come true. Little Miles Scott wanted to be batman, or let’s say batkid. All over the internet and social media massive support poured out. Even white house was forced to join, as president Obama sent him a personal congratulatory message.
Larry DePrimo, of the NYPD is a police officer with a human heart. Once he was caught on camera by a tourist while he was donating a newly bought pair of booth to a homeless man with blisters on his feet. While Larry was passing, he saw the freezing homeless man lying on the sidewalk with blisters on the soles of his feet from the biting cold weather. He went into a nearby shoe shop and got a boot and helped him into it.
Shalla Monteiro, a native of Sao Paulo made the most unlikely use of the social media. Shalla met a 77 year old Raimundo Sobrinho who has been homeless for 35 years. Raimundo passionately writes poems daily on the street of Sao Paulo where he sits and sleeps all day for years. Shalla after meeting him decided to publish his poem, and even went ahead to create a Facebook page for him where he posts his daily poems. This turns out big for Raimundo as the page goes viral and he was able to achieve his dream of being a published poet. It also helped reunite him with his lost brother.
And the list goes on….the truth of it being that these are
​real lives being touched by real people.
phoenix voyagePhoenix Voyage has been established to help our Humanity heal illness, share knowledge and stop the daily destruction of Nature, our beautiful planet’s own life support system. Enjoy the tales from around the world and feel the spirit of the phoenix.

 Join our network and enjoy an ​implementation that takes the waiting out of wanting

We have a host of life transforming projects and solutions you can identify with. We saw the need, we took time to understand it deeply and here we present the solution.

Now an opportunity to Change the world, make it a better place! All the products you choose, the causes you support and the ways in which you get involved can have real positive impact on the environment, ecology and the health of everyone we share this planet with.

Become part of our mission
Get involved with ventures that mean most to you.
We welcome individuals, groups, communities and companies who share our commitment to global humanitarianism, sustainable initiatives and clean living.

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Written by Dario

My name is Dario, I’m 44 years young and I live in Croatia (at the moment). I’m not a writer, so please don’t expect any kind of up level stories or posts from me! 😉 I’m just trying to do my best to put a smile on everyone’s face whenever it’s possible.


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