annual financial report
financial report

Dear friends, supporters, guests, visitors,

I’ve decided to make a simple financial report for this LGBT Support website. Since September 1st 2015. I’m working hard to make it successfully, but obviously I’m doing something wrong. The main reason is the language barrier, the other one is that I have no financial background so I must do all on my own which is really difficult.

My main target was to grow a community where people with same interests can share their thoughts, but as you can see there’s not much interaction. Probably it could be better if I’m able to write my own articles, but that’s not possible because of my terrible English. The majority of the stories from my blog have been edited by a professional and the service is a bit expensive, considering that there’s no sufficient income from the website itself at the moment.

Spending, in average, two hours per day to update a website with news is not much, but when I see no feedback I begin to lose a good will to continue.

That’s why I’ve decided to make this simple mathematics.


Here you can see the necessary expenses like the internet hosting, Google, Facebook and Fiverr advertising. Without the advertising it’s almost impossible to get visitors to a new and unknown website.

The amounts are truly low, their values should be invested in advertising every month, but as I already mentioned, that’s not possible at the moment.

Web Hosting 98 USD
Google Adwords 44 USD
Facebook Advertising 63 USD
Fiverr Advertising 122 USD
Blog proofreading 68 USD

TOTAL Expenses: $ 395.00


As you can see, this part is not brilliant!

I’m using Google Adsense to show their partners ads. The income from it is low, but there’s nothing I can do about that. It all depends of whether my visitors like the ad or not…

The Fiverr Advertising service consists into selling advertising spaces on my website.

I’m grateful to Denis, my only donor who supported me from the beginning of the project.

Google Adsense 43 USD
Fiverr Advertising 81 USD
Donations 30 USD

TOTAL Revenues: $ 154.00


Unique visitors

  • Unique visitors

With all of this I’ve got no “decent income” to help me to renew the web hosting for the next 12 months and to cover a part of the advertising, but I manage this somehow.

I don’t want to make any decisions right now. The website is still “young” so I’ll try to let it grow as much as possible.

I haven’t built it to make money, I’ve built it to support people who need help!

Thank you all.


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