Germans celebrate legalisation of same-sex marriage at Berlin Pride

Thousands of people flocked to the streets of Berlin over the weekend to celebrate Pride.
The 2017 Christopher Street Day (CSD) event was a special one for many German’s as it marked the legalisation of same-sex marriage after the government voted for the legislation.

The bill passed 393 voted to 226 bringing the country into line with the majority of Europe.
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier finalised the process by signing the “marriage for all” bill on Thursday.
The legislation will be enacted on October 1.

Despite the rain, people rallied in full force at the CSD march which has been celebrated since 1979.
It’s believed nearly a million people attended the Pride celebrations, including politicians Green Party MP Volker Beck and the Berlin state delegate in charge of the judiciary Dirk Behrendt.

Many people coordinated their costumes for the full rainbow effect
(Photo by oliverberlinmitt/Instagram)
Although a lot of people carried rainbow flags too
(Photo by ben_kirton/Instagram)
Some people used rainbows to protect themselves from the rain
(Photo by kin82/Instagram)
Good to see faith and sexuality being intersectional
(Photo by gavtovq/Instagram)

Google joined Berliners in their celebrations
(Photo by 1pineappletogo/Instagram)
The sun managed to come out during Pride
(Photo by kulvia/Instagram)
And of course there were drag queens
(Photo by ruda_puda/Instagram)
I mean, just look at this group of FIRE queens
(Photo by divinecarousel/Instagram)

Everybody showed their love at the event
(Photo by helichuan/Instagram)
There were brilliant political messages
(Photo by ellenat_/Instagram)
Happy Pride, Berlin!
(Photo by life_captured_in_stills/Instagram)

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