Gay Chat and Gay Dating

This is my story/opinion about the gay chat and gay dating websites:

At the beginning of the “internet era” I was attracted by the gay chat and gay dating sites. It all started in the late 90’s while I was working as a dj. I’ve used to spend all nights in the week on my computer. I was fascinated by this “new gay world” which was available on internet. Consider that in the late 90’s there were not so much websites like at this moment. Of course at the very beginning I was also attracted by the gay porn sites (before that time, I never ever saw any gay porn), but the majority wasn’t free so I was compelled to learn how to explore the internet in the smart way and avoid non free websites 🙂 Sometimes I used to, even, land on child porn websites which was disgusting, sad and disturbingly sick! It was the beginning of the public internet and (I suppose) the global legal system has not been adjusted to that kind of sick shit (excuse me for my French, but I can’t find any other words). I’ve been searching for the internet abuse service where I can report them, but without success. Thank’s God now it’s a lot better. Those kind of websites doesn’t exist any more, at least not on the public internet. The problem is for sure still there, but that websites are not easily reachable to the large audience!

Anyway, let’s move to the topic of this story because this intro made me nervous, but I had to share it with you.

gay chat and gay datingThe only two gay chat and gay dating websites I found in that time on the internet were and So one global and one national, but there were a lot of other general chat websites (a lot of them doesn’t exist any more). None of them was video chat like now. At the beginning I used the general ones because there were much more people then on the gay chat and dating websites. My main intention was to find someone like to talk to, to hear others experiences. Mostly I was disgusted on the gay chat websites because the first question that I usually got was “how big is your dick?” I wasn’t there looking for a quick sex, I was there just to talk. I know (or my opinion is) that we, gay guys are more promiscuous then straight. That’s not well explained, let me try to be more clear. We are boys attracted by boys, generally speaking, we are shameless between each other and for most of us (not me) sex comes first, then if love happens it’s welcome. In short words, we’re kind like male dogs 😉

The majority on the chats was there just for sex, but there were also people like me who was there to have a good or fun talk. I also met some guys from my area and for that I’m really happy. In the early 2000’s I’ve met a guy from the surroundings of Zagreb (300 km from me), but he had one apartment near the place where I live. We chatted a lot on the internet and we decided to met. I really liked him. He was a disc jockey on his local radio and, I remember, he brought me the CD which I was looking for a long long time and it wasn’t available in the music stores. Well, we started a love relationship. Usually I do easily fall in love, but later on (not very late) the sense of reality comes and plays with my mind. That summer when I met him I was playing in a band which was booked for all the summer time in a local big tourist auto-camp and also in the same time I worked for my friend in his audio and video repair shop. I’ve been really busy, but I’ve organized myself and I spared some time for us (Vlatko & me). We spent a really good times together that summer. He was more relaxed then me in public. I was constantly occupied what will other people say about us. It was because Vlatko didn’t gave a fuck about others sick opinions and he used to wave his hands like a queen, which I loved, but I wasn’t like him. I wasn’t brave like him, I was still hiding my sexuality from the people. Just because of that shortly later we split, but we remained good friends. He is now running his own business, he owns a gay club in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia.

He’s not the only one I’ve met over the gay chat and gay dating websites, but he’s the more important to me and the one which I remember happily. If any other of the guys I’ve met is gonna read this story, I hope he won’t be offended by this. I must say I didn’t had bad experiences in dating through chat. I remember one of them didn’t want to send me hid photo before the date, but I went to it because it was pleasant chat with him. On the date he said he’s a business man and he don’t won’t to waste his time. He said he’s attracted by me and he want’s to have sex with me and is there any chance? I’m sorry, but no way I said! He was an older predator. All the others were pleasant and with most of them I’m still in contact.

Let’s make some conclusion after this short story. The conclusion is not based on the story, it’s only my own opinion.

The gay chat and gay dating websites are helpful and dangerous in the same time, it depends of you how sincere or fake you are and what are you really searching on them.

On the internet you can be whatever you want, but ones you meet someone, you are only yourself! Me, I don’t visit gay chat and gay dating websites any more. I’m not against them! I think they can make things easier, but I’m fed of guys who are desperately searching for sex.

PS: This story has not been edited yet, so please excuse me for my English and my French 😉 Thank you for your time and please leave a comment bellow!

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Written by Dario

My name is Dario, I’m 44 years young and I live in Croatia (at the moment). I’m not a writer, so please don’t expect any kind of up level stories or posts from me! 😉 I’m just trying to do my best to put a smile on everyone’s face whenever it’s possible.


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