Fanny Fun: Lesbian Novel Empowers Women to Embrace their Fluid Sexuality. Hailed “Uplifting & Entertaining”

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Masterfully crafted by M. Cassol, ‘Fanny Fun’ whisks readers from Sydney to the South of France, as a formidable team of heroines explore their bisexuality and lesbianism in the elusive search for love. Steeped with raw emotion and an inspirational portrayal of the powerful modern woman, Cassol’s creation encourages women to embrace who they are and thrive. One critic recently wrote, “Fanny Fun is a gorgeous novel filled with laughter, sparkle and, as the title suggests, lots of intimate fun! From the very beginning it is clear that this is going to be one of those rare books that will leave you smiling long after you’ve turned the final page”.


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United Kingdom – In 1948, the release of Alfred Kinsey’s ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Male’ introduced the world to the Kinsey Scale, and the now-widely-accepted notion that people are not simply “straight” or “gay”. Sexuality is fluid and, in a compelling new novel by M. Cassol, women everywhere are encouraged to discover and prosper as who they really are.

Everything unravels in ‘Fanny Fun’ – an intense, steamy and incredibly thought-provoking novel aptly subtitled, “A big lesbian drama in a small straight world”.


Fanny Fun is a gripping novel that explores the ideas of bisexuality and lesbianism. Through an honest glimpse into the lives of the characters, readers are taken on journeys of self- love and discovery.

Everyone struggles against adversities, but the characters in this novel all handle them in a unique way that reflects each individual characters personality. As they grow and mature they learn what they want in life and how to go about getting it.

The theme of acceptance is a strong one throughout the story. It gives readers a glimpse into the ways in which several characters have to face a reality that is not what they expected.

This story does not lack intrigue and mystery. The reader gets sucked into the story and starts caring about the fate of the characters. Easy to relate to, these characters could easily make a reader laugh, cry or gasp in shock and amazement.

Any woman that has ever struggled with her sexuality will be able to draw inspiration and guidance from this novel. Each characters story is poignant and can serve as an example of the ways in which women can overcome the issues they struggle with.

Have you ever stopped to think about how your actions affect the world around you? A simple word, a reckless action, what would be their consequences? Our history metamorphoses regularly and we are the sparkle of every life’s chain reaction.

Fanny Fun is about connection and the impact of our decisions and how the world can become a small place on the eternal quest for love. 

How many heartaches does it take to learn to choose the right person? And is the “right person” really the one?

Immerse yourself in this lesbian melodrama, following its domino effect around the world.

“We live in a world that’s inherently chaotic and tumultuous; it can be hard to find yourself and live with 100% honesty,” explains the author. “The goal of this book is to help women cut to the core of who they really are, and live with ferocious confidence whether they’re gay, bisexual, straight or anywhere in between. It’s a true rollercoaster of bold and vivid emotion that will compel readers to look inward and discover things about themselves they’ve been too afraid to confront.”

Continuing, “I don’t tread on eggshells when dissecting the subject of gender identity, yet I approach it in a very dignified and sensitive way. At the end of the day, I just want women to love themselves for who they are – no matter what anyone else thinks.”

Early reviews for the novel have been glowing. For example, Georgia comments, “This book is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions. Although the writing style can sometimes be a little repetitive, it is well-suited to the genre and contributes to the overarching theme of enduring love. The sex scenes are very well written and contribute to the overall success of the novel.”

Another reader adds, “I loved this book which I read almost in an afternoon – I couldn’t put it down. The characters are so well developed they almost jump off the pages and I found myself caring about them through the plot’s twists, turns and elegant switchbacks. It also feels really well researched, full of detail and description. Mostly, though it’s a really fun read – naughty and nice at the same time.”

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  1. Cassol Michele was always passionate about human nature and sexuality. From struggling with her own sexual orientation to accepting that she was a lesbian, she has lived many lives as a basketball player, DJ, A&E doctor, business owner and founder of well-known skincare range. She relished and travelled all around the world, providing her with the opportunity to be exposed to her favourite subject: Women. Now, in her mid 30’s, she found the maturity and creativity to dwell into writing. Fanny Fun, her first novel, traverses femininity, sex and love from her admirer perspective, inviting you to explore the enchanting lesbian universe.

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