Eyewitness USA – American adaptation of the Norwegian series Øyevitne

​Philip (left) played by Tyler Young & Lukas (right) played by James Paxton
Eyewitness USA
​Philip (left) played by Tyler Young & Lukas (right) played by James Paxton

USA Network and sister studio Universal Cable Productions (UCP) have partnered to bring an adaptation of the Norwegian crime thriller EYEWITNESS (original title “Øyevitne”) to the U.S. market.  The ten-episode, straight-to-series drama will be adapted for American television by Adi Hasak (creator, “Shades of Blue”). The series, which explores a grisly crime from the point of view of the eyewitnesses, is executive produced by Hasak, who brought the series to UCP and serves as showrunner.  Jarl Emsell Larsen will also executive produce.

“Norway’s incredible show EYEWITNESS follows a horrific crime story through the unlucky and unlikely eyes of two innocent witnesses,” said Dawn Olmstead, Executive Vice President, Development, Universal Cable Productions. “It’s a bone chilling thrill ride that not only exposes the details of a crime, but also the secrets of the witnesses who watched.  When Adi brought this to UCP, we immediately knew we had to be involved.

EYEWITNESS takes a horrific crime and, in compelling fashion, uses it to examine a whole network of unique character relationships,” said Alex Sepiol, Senior Vice President, Original Scripted Programming, USA Network. “We were immediately drawn to the source material and Adi has found a very smart way to adapt it into a truly universal and engaging story.”

When two innocent teenaged boys secretly meet up in the forest, they bear witness to a shooting and barely escape with their lives.  Desperate to keep their relationship a secret and in fear of being found by the perpetrator, they remain silent but soon learn that what has been seen cannot be unseen and when you witness a horrible event it changes everything, forever.

The original version of the series was produced in Norway by NRK Drama and premiered last year. Norwegian actress Anneke von der Lippe, who plays a police investigator on the NRK series, was recently honored for her role with a Best Performance by an Actress win at the International Emmys.


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