Some essential Criteria to Buy Zero Turn Lawn Mower for Hills

Are you confused about which lawn mower to purchase since you have your garden on a hilly terrain?

If yes, moving it on a regular basis might be one of the toughest jobs for you. Choosing a right lawn mower for steep terrain is a tough job. However, we present some factors that you need to consider and will prove you helpful while purchasing a new hilly terrain for your hilly terrain.

You might be thinking why is it hard to find a suitable Mower for hills? Well, it is because you need to steer and tread it with a lot of control to mow. Also to note is that we are not experts in mowing. Therefore, it becomes a lot harder to do such job with any random model available in the market. Henceforth, many people end up in investing wrong mower models and have to regret it later. If any how you manage to choose one good mower, the price of it makes it heavy on your pockets.

Zero Turn Mowers

Have you ever moved a lawn mower in a hilly region? If you have, you might be aware of how tough this job is. The difficulty of choosing a correct lawn mower can be estimated by knowing that even experts make mistakes while choosing it for a hilly region.

A self-propelled mower requires a lot of physical strength to control it as you have to do most of the heavy lifting with your own hands. This job seems more exhausting when working in a hilly region than in flat region. Hence, a push mower is a wrong choice for the hilly area if you are not strong enough.

On the other hand, Zero Turn Mowers are gaining popularity as they consume less time as compared to walk behind mower. Moreover, it can handle more obstacles coming in its way.

Conditions to keep in mind

Below are some top notch criteria to bear in mind for purchasing the best zero turn mowers for hills.

Ease of Driving

As we know that everyone is not an expert in using zero turn slope mowers, therefore it is advised to purchase a mower with full-features to have minimum difficulty in the drive. As per expert’s reviews, in such cases, a mower with rear wheel is preferable as front wheeled mowers won’t cut on a sloped surface.

Never go for a high-speed mower for a hilly region as you need to be slow and steady in such terrain. Hence it is recommended to always go for a decent and moderate speed mower for inclined areas.

Conditions to keep in mind for hilly regions

Removing unwanted debris, cutting grass has always been a boring task, however with the advent of the zero turn mowers, it has changed to interesting. As the name suggests, these mowers use zero turning radius to mow down a lot of area in less time.

These mowers provide better visibility and are extremely efficient.


The first thing that one should consider while buying a zero-turn mower is Comfort. While mowing a sloppy region, there might be times when you need to lean while riding, hence you may require support. In such conditions, having controls on the opposite side where you are leaning may create hardships. The mower must assist you with all the accessories as per your requirement.

Easy to Use

Investing in a lawn mower is heavy on pockets. With such massive investments, if you do not get all the facilities and easy to start and use it, it wracks your brain. The zero turn lawn mower that you choose must be user-friendly and come with speed controls to help you work with the fresh mind.


It is recommended to choose a lawn mower with twin cylinder engine. Also, twin cylinder Engine mowers have gained popularity as they are faster and produce less noise.


A lawn mower must always have wider tires. The wider tire is a larger tract of land it covers and more traction it gives. Four plies rated kind of tires are best suited.


Always look at what your budget is. Zero turn lawn mowers range from $2000 to $6000 depending upon features, speed, and accessibility. The more expensive the mower is, more durable and more features it comes with. If your budget is low, you can also try the used zero turn mower.

Some people may think whether to buy or not to purchase a mower for a hilly region. On asking for others, some people may advise you not purchase a lawn mower for a mountainous region as they might not be used on slopes and uneven terrain. These people are not aware and are yet to use a mower in a sloppy area. It is correct that one needs to go slower in the hilly region as compared to flat areas. A speed of 4 to 5 mph is best for mowing 15-degree sloppy hill.

Keep things under your control, do not rush, use all the features efficiently and lawn mower will prove to be the best remedy you can get for unwanted grass, debris.

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