Ellen surprised this hilarious teacher who pranked students with a RuPaul inspired spelling test

Ellen had a brilliant surprise for a teacher who pulled a perfect RuPaul inspired prank spelling test on his students.

Joe Dombrowski filmed himself giving students a spelling test for April Fool’s Day, and it is a video so funny that it has since reached 20 million views.

In the spelling test, Dombrowski uses completely made up words including “wazamata” (what’s the matter), and “Ro-laska-tox” – a play of words on a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“Ro-laska-tox was surprised when jinkx took the crown. If you didn’t get the hyphens, I’m sorry you got that word wrong,” he told students who practically gasped in horror.

The viral prank reached Ellen, everybody’s favourite talk show host, and she decided to invite Dombrowski onto her show.

Talking to the Michigan teacher, who pranks the staff and students on a regular basis, DeGeneres quipped at his teaching skills.

“I think that’s really cool, they’re 10 years old. It’s so cool that you’re making class interesting and fun because they’re going to remember you.”

“I don’t know that you’re teaching anything but I think it’s good that you’re funny,” she added.

Ellen announced that she had a gift for the teacher, who spends a lot of his own money on the students, but for him to get the money he too had to do a spelling test.

One of the words was “Shutterfly” – a company that donated $20,000 to Dombrowski. Half of the money was to go directly on the students while the other half was to be spent on himself.

Watch the hilarious, but tear-jerking clip here:

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