Ellen DeGeneres’ salary has been revealed and it’s huge

The salaries of TV’s highest paid stars have been revealed.
All the world’s biggest names are on the list – Kim Kardashian, Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsay and Judge Judy, to name a few.

Pushing on the very top of the list of the world’s biggest celeb earners is out lesbian chat show host. Ellen DeGeneres.
And she’s seriously raking it in.

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Forbes has released their annual list of the highest-paid entertainers.

The ranking isn’t just made up of money from their TV shows, though.
It includes income from additional activities such as producing, non-TV performances, endorsements and merchandising.
Topping the list is Dr. Phil McGraw – better known as Dr. Phil – who rakes in an unbelievable $79m as a talk show host, personality and producer.
However Ellen is just one place behind him – with her huge salary making her the highest paid LGBT celeb on the planet.
The comic makes an incredible $77m a year from her daytime talk show, as well as a gift and homeware range, books and other public appearance fees.
Ellen is $8m ahead of the third place celeb, Jerry Seinfeld, who comes in with an income of $69m.
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TV’s Jim Parsons gets paid an incredible $1m for every episode of The Big Bang Theory.
Meanwhile Jesse Tyler Ferguson walks away with a pretty tidy $250,000 per episode of Modern Family.
Gay chat show host Andy Cohen is on around $5m for hanging out with the likes of Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin.
Read the full list:
1. Dr. Phil McGraw, $79 million (talk-show host, personality, producer).
2. Ellen DeGeneres, $77 million (talk-show host, personality, producer).
3. Jerry Seinfeld, $69 million (comedian, sitcom star).
4. Gordon Ramsay, $60 million (personality, celebrity chef).
5. Ryan Seacrest, $58 million (personality, radio host, producer).
6. Louis C.K., $52 million (sitcom star, comedian, producer).

7. Judy Sheindlin, $47 million (courtroom-show host, personality).
8. Kim Kardashian West, $45.5 million (reality show star, personality).
9. Simon Cowell, $43.5 million (TV personality, producer).
10. Steve Harvey, $42.5 million (TV host, comedian).

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