EKAJ – Film about LGBT Youth, HIV…

EKAJ - Film about LGBT Youth, HIV

Title: EKAJ

Synopsis: Think “Kids” meets “Midnight cowboy.”

EKAJ is a love story between two drifters, a naive teenager and a hustler. The film capture’s a runaway journey to New York City. Ekaj meets Mecca who takes him under his care. Mecca has AIDS and multiple problems of his own. He is high all day but still manages to be the only voice of reason in Ekaj’s hopeless world. They cruise the city together looking for money and places to stay. The core of the movie is Ekaj, who thinks he will become the lover of a rich man and be taken care of for life but ends up finding his dreams quickly shattered. Although he makes some money as a prostitute, he finds he is disposable, replaceable and lacking what it takes to survive in the city. Their mutual loneliness leads to genuine friendship.

Writer and Director: Cati Gonzalez
Producer: Mike Gonzalez, Cati Gonzalez
Editor: Mike Gonzalez, Cati Gonzalez
Music Score and Produced: Paul Pistachio Vega
Cast: Jake Mestre, Badd Idea, Scooter LaForge
Film Length: 80 Minutes
Category: Drama, Fiction, LGBT, Urban, Youth
Language: English
Country: USA

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4938292/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/42660732

1. Official Selection – “BEST FILM” – 2016 NY Downtown Urban Arts Film Festival dutfnyc.com/
2. Official Selection – “BEST FILM”,“BEST NEW-DIRECTOR”,“BEST ACTOR”- 2016 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival philadelphiaindependentfilmfestival.com/
3. Official Selection – “BEST FILM” 2016 Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival, L.A. – http://www.ptaff.org/single-movie-tickets/ekaj
4. Official Selection – “BEST FIRST FILM” 2016 QCinema Fort Worth, Texas http://www.qcinema.org/saturday-matinees-nov-12.html
5. Official Selection – 2016 QFest St. Louis (St. Louis Intl Film Festival) cinemastlouis.org/qfest/ekaj
6. Official Selection – 2016 Palm Beach International Film Festival pbifilmfest.org/film-lineup.php
7. Official Selection – 2016 Buffalo-Niagara Film, NY Festival thebnff.com/Ekaj/
8. Official Selection – 2016 Big Muddy Film Festival, Illinois bigmuddyfilm.com/?page_id=11066
9. Official Selection – 2016 NewFilmmakersNY newfilmmakers.com/
10. Official Selection – 2016 My True Colors Festival, NY mytruecolorsfestival.com/
11. Official Selection – 2016 Thessaloniki International LGBTQ Film Festival, Greece lgbtq-iff.gr/en/home/
12. Official Selection – 2016 Singapore International Film Festival – worldfilmpresentation.com/film/ekaj
13. Official Selection – Nominated “BEST DIRECTOR”,”BEST ACTOR” – Newark Intl Film Fest newarkiff.com/
14. Official Selection – 2016 San Francisco Latino Film Festival, CA sflatinofilmfestival.com/
15. Official Selection – No Gloss Film Festival, UK noglossfilmfestival.co.uk/watch-ekaj-usa-trailer/
16. Official Selection – 2016 Charlotte Film Festival, NC charlottefilmfestival.org/narrative-features
17. Official Selection – 2016 Guam International Film Festival, USA guamfilmfestival.org/
18. Official Selection – 2016 Lisbon International Film Festival, Portugal lisbonfilmfestival.com/
19. Official Selection – Nominated “BEST ACTOR” 2016 Intl Film Festival Manhattan NYC iffmnyc.com
20. Official Selection – Nominated “BEST FILM“ 2016 BLOW-UP ArtHouse Film Festival, CHI blowupfilmfest.com/
21. Official Selection – 2016 Les Gai Cine Mad, Madrid, Spain lesgaicinemad.com/2016/10/24/ekaj/
22. Official Selection – 2016 OUTFEST Santo Domingo GBLT Film Festival www.revasa.org
23. Official Selection – “BEST DIRECTOR” + 5 Nominations 2017 Macabre Faire Film Festival, NY macabrefairefilmfest.com/
24. Official Selection – Nominated “BEST FILM” 2016 IFilmmaker Intl Film Festival, Marbella, Spain ifilmmakerinternationalfilmfestival.webstarts.com/
25. Official Selection – “BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY” + 7 Nominations 2017 IDYLLWILD Film Festival, California http://www.idyllwildcinemafest.com
26. Official Selection – 2016 Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, Canada http://www.tinff.net/

others pending for 2017…

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