Eddie Izzard opens up about coming out and hails ‘role model’ Laverne Cox

Transgender British comedian Eddie Izzard says he intends to stand for Parliament at the next election.

Izzard has long been a supporter of the Labour Party and has frequently teased the idea of standing for office.

Comedian Eddie Izzard campaigns for the Labour party in Cardiff (Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

“I’m not going to muck about at it. I’ve done a number of very serious things in my life.

“Coming out as transgender 30 years ago was not easy,” Izzard told Metro.

“I had to keep my career going. It was tricksy.

“Gay or lesbian doesn’t really impact, there’s no particular badge you have to wear.

“Transgender, they notice you wearing make-up. But I’ve tried to invent a way of getting through it.

“We’ll see if people vote for me. If I get in, I’ll see what I can do.”

He is also attending a memorial event in memory of the murdered Jo Cox where he will take part in a 6.5km run in West Yorkshire on June 25.

On his Twitter bio, Izzard describes himself as a “British European” and he has spoken out against Brexit.

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