Dolly Parton: Gay people relate to me because I fought for the right to be myself

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Dolly Parton has claimed that she has a large gay following because she also “fought for the right to be herself”.

Dolly Parton In Concert To Benefit Dolly's Imagination Library
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Dolly Parton, the 70-year-old gay icon was speaking to the Guardian ahead of her latest tour.

In the interview, the 9 to 5 star spoke about her strong and persistent LGBT fanbase.

She said: “I don’t really know why for sure. I’m just happy it is.

“I’ve often said people don’t come to see me to see me, they come to see me to see them.

“I’ve been around so long, so a lot of people grew up with me. I feel more like a family member or an aunt or an older sister or a friend.

“They know I’m a little different myself. I’ve fought for the right to be myself, so that is one of the reasons that the gays and lesbians relate to me.

“They know that I appreciate everybody for who they are. We are who we are, so why can’t we be allowed to be that?

“I ain’t out to preach no sermons, I’m just out to do my work, sing my songs and write them, and love people and share them.”

The country singer also teased a dance album geared towards her gay fans.

She said: “Every time I start to work on that, something else comes up, like this big tour.

“I’ll have to put that dance album on the shelf again. But one day I promise you I will get that out.

“One of the songs is ‘I’m a Wee Bit Gay’. It’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek type of song. I promise I’ll get it out.”

By Nick Duffy

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