Daily Mail outs doctor who was dragged off United Airlines flight with blood pouring from his face

The doctor who was dragged off a United Airlines flight with blood running down his face has been outed by the Daily Mail – for no reason.

Dr David Dao, 69, was seen being manhandled in an online video which has sparked outrage and threats of a boycott.

It has since been discovered that Dr Dao was forced off the plane so that United Airlines staff could take his seat, through a leaked email to airline employees revealed by ABC.

And now – to add insult to injury – it seems that the Daily Mail has rooted through old court documents to dig up dirt on the doctor, who other passengers on the plane heard pleading: “I want to go home, I want to go home.”

What the Mail has discovered was that 12 years ago, the doctor, who is married with five children, was found guilty on six felony counts of obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit by the state of Kentucky.

The jury recommended a sentence of two years and eight months, which was handed to lung specialist Dr Dao as a suspended sentence.

And when the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure investigated the criminal charges against Dr Dao a year earlier, it found that the doctor “had become sexually interested in a patient who had been referred to his practice”.

The board alleged that Dr Dao “performed a complete physical examination, including a genital examination” for the patient, a male who was referred for collapsed lungs and chest pain.

Dr Dao then made the patient his office manager but caused him to quit with “inappropriate remarks,” according to the investigation.

The board wrote that the doctor “pursued him aggressively, finally arranging to provide controlled substance prescriptions to him in exchange for sexual acts”.

Dr Dao is also alleged to have “assisted Patient A to fill the controlled substances prescriptions in a variety of names of other persons”.

“Police were able to identify approximately 33 fraudulent prescriptions as part of their investigation,” the board alleged.

After the arrest and charges were made, the board referred the doctor to the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation for evaluation and anger management.

The Kentucky State website has since changed its address, but a cache of the previous site shows files which appear to support these claims.

After the conviction, Dr Dao surrendered his medical licence, and has since worked to rehabilitate his reputation and career, successfully getting his medical licence partially reinstated in 2015.

The backlash to revelations about the doctor’s past has been almost as furious in nature as reactions were to his treatment when he was forcibly dragged off the plane.

Other outlets who published details about the doctor’s background have attracted the same type of response.

This is not, of course, the first time that the Mail has referred to LGBT people in a derogatory, sensationalist or scaremongering tone.

Last year, it got angry that an “openly gay judge” did his job and issued a ruling about Brexit, while just last month, it branded trans people “gender fascists”.

In fact, there were enough occasions on which the Mail got ridiculously upset about gay people to make a hefty year-end listicle on the subject.

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