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Building your own little wine collection at home certainly has a lot to do with choosing the right bottles to enjoy. But as you enjoy more sips and become a more knowledgeable wine enthusiast, you’ll need to get just as serious when you want to buy wine accessories.

We know that drinking vino can be fun, but you can enjoy it a lot better when you know which of the many online wine accessories are essential. Here’s where to start:

  1. Twisting it

Even famous escape artists would likely agree that it’s hard to break into a bottle of wine without the right corkscrew. These wine openers come in different shapes and sizes; prices, too, but again, a high price point doesn’t automatically equate to convenience or high quality.

A waiter’s corkscrew is the common choice for professionals, but it’s not the simplest one for non-connoisseurs. It could even be a liability when you try to pull out the cork with too much force.

Instead, go for a design that can seamlessly remove the cork without pulling or twisting, such as a winged or lever corkscrew.

  1. Aerating it

Take your wine drinking experience to another level by using a decanter. More than removing sediments, it aerates the wine. This softens the tannins by balancing the alcohol, acid, and sugar content of the wine, and improves the flavour profile. Plus, it’s a great container to serve the wine in.

A fancy decanter is always great, but a simple one with a narrow neck and wide bottom works just the same. An aerator is best for red wines, especially the aged ones.

  1. Swirling it

There’s more to wine drinking than simply pouring it in any glass. At the very least, know that different wines are best served in certain glasses.

Pour your white wines in glasses with a narrow, U-shaped bowl – the shape allows it to stay cool longer. Red wines, on the other hand, are best served in glasses with a wide bowl to let the wine breathe and open up its flavours and aromas.

  1. Cork it

We can’t always finish a whole bottle of wine in one sitting, which makes bottle stoppers essential especially in home kitchens. Once the cork has been opened, the wine starts losing its taste because of oxidation.

Extend the life of your vino with bottle stoppers and wine preservers, which come in different styles. There’s a vacuum pump and a cork stopper for most wines, and there are Champagne stoppers for sparkling wines, which keeps carbon dioxide in.

  1. Noting it

It may not seem important immediately, but having a tasting notebook to jot down your notes is well worth it. No memory is perfect, especially after a few glasses. The best way to remember your own tasting notes and impressions of a wine is to write it down.

Be it a Moleskin notebook or even just an app on your phone, the important thing is to list down your tasting notes for future reference. You can even share them with your friends should they ever ask for recommendations.

When it comes to wine accessories for sale, it’s always best to go with the ones you’ll actually use. Stock up on the essentials and see your wine drinking experience reach a whole new level.

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