Best Pair Of Garden Genie Gloves By OBM

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Top Secret Way To Bring Some Magic To Your Garden

You can now perform ALL basic gardening and landscaping tasks, without any tools!

Or, let’s rephrase it…!

Now, all gardening tools are (literally) at your right-hands’ fingertips!

Attention Gardeners: Here’s How You Can Make Gardening Faster And More Fun

Each of the two Garden Genie Gloves complement each other to make digging, composting, planting and pruning thorny roses safe and easy.

The right glove, featuring sharp inbuilt claws, is responsible for all the hard tasks, whereas the plain left glove is ideal for handling small items and delicate plants.

Introducing The Most Durable Pair Of Garden Gloves Ever Made

Forget cheaply-made gardening gloves that fall apart after a few days of use.

Don’t waste your money on fake imitations with flimsy claws that will soon come off, no matter how gently you treat them.

Our heavy duty Garden Genie Gloves are the last pair of gloves you’ll ever have to buy!

Made from the highest quality, anti-tear, natural rubber material on the market and featuring ABS plastic fingertips, this pair of gloves is designed to survive even the most vigorous digging.

Still Not Convinced? Here Are Some More Reasons For Choosing This Pair Of Yard Gloves:

• They’re made from superior breathable, hypoallergenic materials, which are 100% safe and comfortable on your skin.
• They can, easily, fit to any size of hand, thanks to their elastic material.
• They’re ideal both for hot and cold weather, due to their water- and sweat-proof qualities.

Don’t Waste Another Minute!

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