Best Napa Valley Wines: Something Every Wine Lover Should Know

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Wine enthusiasts often enquire, what are the finest Napa Valley wineries to visit, well, there are number of wineries and its really tough to say which one is the best.

There are small wineries or small boutique wineries, known as micro wineries which focus mostly on preferred wine type and different varieties. Napa Valley is known to have more than 400 wineries, among the best wineries there are Silver Oak, Pine Ridge, Beaulieu, Cakebread, Ehlers, Clos Pegase, Mondavi, Shrader. These wineries are known to offer the best wines, famous all across the planet. Here the wineries offer excellent wines, these wineries are having rich history together with entertaining adventure scope.

Few Popular Wines

When these wineries are harvesting their grapes this is time they develop their merit, so early fall is the best crush period for harvesting. In Fall however wineries in action is to be observed. While coming back to the discussion on Best Napa Valley wines, there are 2014-2015 Rosé, 2014 sauvignon blancs, 2015 sauvignon blancs, 2014-2015 Aromatic whites, 2013-2014 chardonnay, 2011-2014 merlot, 2012-2014 cabernet sauvignons. The panel of expert judges who are having eyes to differentiate the best from the worst appreciates all these wine varieties. Therefore, whether a beginner or an avid wine enthusiast try these wines, the feel would be life time experience.

Why Wines are Popular

The climate however helps Napa valley to grow best wines, as the warmth and sunlight help the ripe grapes to develop sugar content and it is known that the higher the sugar content the higher the alcohol, however for more richness and alcoholic effect the wine is to be fermented in dry style. It is seen that appreciating hearts are finding the taste more varietal, fresher, richer, brighter and balanced. There won’t be any monotony, there won’t be any health repercussion, there won’t be detrimental upshot, Best Napa Valley wines are meant to experience you the best in wines.

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