What is the best food when cutting? – I’ll give you a meal plan structure (Sponsored article)

best food when cutting

There is no best food, the best food is the food that suits you best in terms of health, caloric goals and cost. Stick to healthy unprocessed protein rich food sources like cottage cheese, eggs, milk, any meat and fish.

What the best food might be is highly individual but in most cases sticking to natural, unprocessed food sources will give you more value towards your health and fitness goals.

Have a variety of food sources but repeat those so that your meals look the same week to week. This not only saves time but can also be beneficial for your stomach and make counting calories easier. For my carbs I switch between oats, bread, rice, pasta day to day but it’s always the same types of rice, pasta and bread. I eat chicken on most days but switch it up with red meat or fish for variety and my fat sources comes from oil in the pan and sauces.

images-4When your low on calories while you are cutting eating vegetables is crucial. It’s a source of carbs but in extremely high volume. Some vegetables are more low caloric than others so keep a watch for that. Personally I eat a lot of broccoli, almost everyday while cutting and it’s my go to source of veggies. Eating salads with some meat during your cut will let you eat more meals per day thus giving you more food per calorie.

Keep your meals simple, this will not only save time that can be spent on other things but will also make your diet more enjoyable. Food is important to survive but you shouldn’t be living to eat. It shouldn’t be your top priority and treat it as a to-do rather than an activity. If your having problems sticking to your diet and you are eating to much then see if diets like IIFYM or intermittent fasting can help you, we have articles on those topics as well! If your already on a diet you enjoy but hunger is a problem then there’s a lot of tricks and tips to control it, check this article! 

My top 3 keys for a successful meal plan, have these tips implemented and your set to go;

  1. Sustainability is prioritized, you want to eat healthy and rich for a lifetime, your meal plan must be easy to make and suit your needs.
  2. Make your meal plan optimal in terms of health. It should work well with your digestive system, contain the macro- and micro nutrients you need  and contribute to your hormonal balance. A happy stomach is key here, avoid food that bloats you.
  3. Food that doesn’t interfere with your productivity. Avoid sugar spikes or food that makes you slow or gives you a brain fog.

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