Benefits of Cooling Pillows to Your Health

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Am sure that at some point you have had trouble sleeping because your bedroom is either too hot or too cold. It might be because of the restlessness that comes with the two extreme temperatures. Restless nights can lead to sleep deprivation symptoms if these unfavorable sleep conditions continue for many consecutive nights. Sleep deprivation brings with it other adverse effects ranging from weight gain to impaired cognitive abilities.

Doctors have advised that the ideal temperature of any bedroom should range from 15 to 19 degrees Celsius. They go ahead to state that temperatures above 23 degrees and below 12 degrees Celsius can cause disturbed sleep. Although our bodies can naturally regulate its temperature, sometimes the external conditions make it difficult for us to sleep under ideal temperature. However, cooling pillows can provide the best alternative to regulating the temperature when you are taking a nap or sleeping.

Cooling Pillows

What is a cooling pillow?

A cooling pillow helps speed up the natural cooling process to help maintain and encourage sleep. It is a bedroom accessory with the aim of keeping you cool during your sleep. As a result, several types of mechanisms have been incorporated into the pillows to achieve this effect. The best cooling pillow is one that can provide extra support for the head, neck and shoulders.  Also, its design enables it to draw off sweat as well as efficiently diffusing heat from the body.

How to choose the best cooling pillow

Deciding on the best cooling pillow for yourself is a critical process because the cooling pad you choose will affect the quality of your sleep either positively or negatively. The best cooling pad should be able to conform to the posture and shape of your head easily. Secondly, it should have the right contour that comforts and supports your neckline without straining it. Finally, it should not spare a large gap between the bed and your neck to avoid stiff necks.

What are the things to look for in cooling pillows?

1.      Fabric and Thickness

It is important to consider a pillow’s thickness because too thin pillows will more likely than not prematurely lose their shape. The fabric of your pillow, on the other hand, should be extremely breathable.

2.      Warranty

Any cooling pillow should have an expectancy of between 3 to 4years. A warranty that provides a life expectancy of anything more than this automatically translates to very high quality. In addition to this, you can rest assured of durability and quality if your pillow is CertiPUR-US certified.

3.      Hypoallergenic

Always counter check to ascertain that the pad you want to buy is made of 100% hypoallergenic material and that it is also dust-mite resistant. It will help avoid any causes of allergic reaction or inconveniences after purchase.

4.      Sleeper Type

What type of sleeper are you? There are three types of sleepers. For a stomach sleeper, too soft and thin pillows that are supportive to the neck are recommended. On the other hand, side sleeper is more likely to feel comfortable with very firm pillows while medium-firm pillows would be efficient for back sleepers.

5.      Material

Most cooling pillows in the market today are made from memory foam. This material makes their structure dense and firm which is a good quality for people with back and neck pains.

Compared to memory foam pillows, ventilated gel foam pillows are softer. If you are a stomach sleeper, it is advisable you use pillows made from the plush material. Back and side sleepers can use contoured pillows without any problems.

What is the best way of using a cooling pillow?

Even with the wide variety of cooling pillows available in the market today, most of them are not machine wash friendly. To maintain your pillow’s good hygiene, be sure to wash your pillow covers regularly. At least three times a week or better still, have a change of covers every day.

You can also stain wash with warm water, and liquid detergent in case you notice dirty spots on the pillow. It is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner on your pillow surface ones in a while. Cooling pillows have a chemical stink that is not harmful to your health. If your pillow promptly regains its natural shape after folding it into a half, then it is safe for use. Always air dry new pillows before use.

Benefits of Cooling Pillows to Your Health

Sleeping in a cool room as well as using cooling pillows has benefits that go beyond having a good night’s sleep. Some of these benefits include;

1.      Reduces certain insomnia types

Understanding insomnia can be challenging if you have not experienced it before. Most of us suffer mild insomnia once in a while, and we could give anything for sound and consistent sleep. Chronic cases of insomnia can have devastating health impacts. The cooling pad in the cooling pillow can significantly reduce insomnia and in fact, cure some types of the same. Reducing insomnia will translate to better sleep and hence improved metabolism.

2.      Increases your speed of falling asleep

What seemed to take forever is now taking the shortest time possible. The nights of turning and tossing in bed trying to get a hold of sleep are now a thing of the past. With this man invented the idea of making a pillow cool, you can now fall asleep faster than ever before. When sleeping, your head emits more heat than any other part of your body. Sleeping on a cooling pillow is like finding an iceberg in summer and with such a thing you wouldn’t ask for more. A person sleeping on a cool pillow sleeps three times faster and deeper than a regular pillow sleeper.

3.      Fights certain metabolic diseases

The repetitive occurrence of certain disturbances like too much motion or talking in your sleep may in the long run result to metabolic malfunctions. With a cooling pillow, however, movement when sleeping will be reduced substantially due to the ideal temperature as well as comfort. This will, in turn, reduce too much motion while sleeping hence keeping metabolic malfunctions at bay.

4.      Promotes a youthful look

Sleep influences a lot of processes in the body ranging from cognitive to metabolic processes. Lack of sound sleep will, therefore, affect a lot of other things in your body that you may not be aware of. Sleeping on a comfortable cooling pillow and a good mattress in a room with the ideal temperature can significantly improve how you look. Research has shown that people who get enough sleep have looked more youthful or younger than they are. Sound sleep helps a lot in boosting one’s health.

5.      Improved mental health

Cognitive abilities can be greatly affected by lack of enough and sound sleep. A cooling pillow in conjunction with other sleep enhancing accessories like a good mattress and a cool sleeping environment will boost your cognitive abilities. This may result in good memory, creativity, sharpness and proper coordination.

6.      Lower the risk of obesity

Sleeping in a cool environment enhances metabolic processes in the body. This way, the body can keep more brown fat which is the healthy fat which helps in burning the calories or rather the bad fat. That way, chances of weight and obesity are significantly reduced. All thanks to sound sleep facilitated by cooling pillows.

Cooling pillows help relieve back and neck pains as well as headaches.  Easing these simple problems can help in preventing bigger complications with the spine in future.

Another benefit of cooling pillows is that it helps keep you sweat less all night because of its ability to wick the sweat. It also plays a significant task in reducing electricity expenses. This is because, with a cooling pillow, you do not need any other electrical cooling devices like air conditioners.

Final Take 

As you have seen from our above discussion, sound sleep is essential. Research shows that if a person went sleep for the considerable length of time, they would snap in addition to other effects of sleep deprivation. You should therefore not shy away from investing in all the accessories you need to ensure you have sound and consistent sleep. Come to think of it; you owe yourself a peaceful night sleep after a day of being up and down. It is important that you consider all the factors above to ensure that you purchase a cooling pillow that meets your personal needs. Some of the cooling pillows you can choose from include

  • Iso-Cool Side Sleeper Pillow
  • ViscoSoft Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Standard Artic Gel Contour Pillow
  • Classic Brands Reversible Cooling Pillow
  • PharMeDoc Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel
  • Classic Brands Ventilated Gel Gusseted Pillow

With such a pool of options to choose from, you can never miss out on a pillow that will suit your needs whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. Cooling pillows together with the right mattresses will go a long way more than just facilitating sound sleep. You can talk with your doctor to know which of these pillows are best suited for you especially if you suffer from neck and back pains.

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