Another man accused of being gay has been brutally executed by ISIS

The man was thrown from a building by ISIS militants, accused of being gay

ISIS has publicly executed yet another man accused of being gay by throwing him from a rooftop.

being gay brutally executed by ISIS
The man was thrown from a building by ISIS militants, accused of being gay

BEWARE: This article contains an image some may find distressing

The Iraqi man was executed by ISIS militants in the Kirkuk stronghold, after being accused of homosexuality, reports local media.

The victim is the latest of dozens of men perceived to be gay to have been executed by the militant group.

ARA News Network published the story which has not been independently verified, showing footage of the man being thrown to his death.

According to the report, a crowd had gathered, who threw stones at the man’s body after he hit the ground.

“He was thrown off a roof in front of dozens of people,” the reads the report.

“Then ISIS militants called on the people to stone the victim, although he was already dead. They started to barbarically stone his corpse.”

being gay brutally executed by ISIS 2

Such punishment is often the result of Shariah law being carried out by “judges” or “courts” who decide whether the accused is guilty.

“Civilians who live under Isis suppression are forced to follow any order by the group, otherwise they could get killed,” the head of Nineveh media centre Raafat al-Zarari said in the report by ARA News.

Click here to read the report on ARA News – beware the article contains images some will find distressing.

“People sometimes have no choice but showing loyalty to IS.”

By Joseph Patrick McCormick

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