A lesbian couple both had babies and the sperm donors are husbands

Mariely Martinez and her wife Carla Melendez have both given birth within a month of each other, with their friends Juny Roman and Alex Torres as sperm donors.
The catch? Juny and Alex are also married.

When researching donor options, Martinez and Melendez realised they didn’t want to use a sperm bank.

They wanted the dad to be a part of their children’s life, so asked their friend, Torres.

The couple had known Torres for ten years, and reconnected with him when they had moved to Florida.

Both women wanted to carry a baby, but initially, they had planned for Torres to father both children.
However, when they met his husband Roman, they changed their minds.

“Mariely knew she wanted him to be a dad.
“She loved his personality, everything about him,” Melendez told ABC News.
And, after going through pregnancy together, Martinez and Melendez have their perfect, unusual, family.

On July 23 Martinez gave birth to a son, Matteo, fathered by Roman. A month later, on August 22, Melendez had a little girl, Marla, who is Torres’ daughter.

Although it may sound confusing, the family think they’re so lucky that their children will be raised with so much love in their lives.
Martinez and Melendez have full custody of the children, but say Torres and Roman will have a lot of involvement.
“I think it’s good to let the world know that love is the more important thing in this world and it doesn’t matter where it comes from,” Melendez said.
The family have received an outpouring of supporting, particularly on their photographer’s Facebook page, where they’ve been dubbed “the ultimate modern family.”

Women in same-sex relationships who want to get pregnant are being pressured into having sex with men.
Men are offering their services as unauthorised sperm donors for as little as £30 in secret Facebook groups.

A BBC documentary uncovered how men offer their semen in secret Facebook groups, with the women sometimes not even knowing their name or other basic details.
A lesbian couple earlier this year turned to complete strangers in a bid to have a child of their own.
Chelsea and Sarah Cruickshank have created a page on fundraising site GoFundMe to help them achieve their dream.
Last year a lesbian couple filed a lawsuit against a sperm bank in Canada – after finding out their child’s biological father was a schizophrenic ex-criminal.
A gay sperm donor recently helped a lesbian couple parent twins.

The couple celebrated the birth of their twin sons after they made used the free service provided by Kenzie Kilpatrick.Mr Kilpatrick offers free sperm donations via his Drama Free UK Sperm Donors Facebook group, claiming just travel and hotel expenses.
He has made donations to dozens of childless women in his quest to help them become mothers – resulting in 10 babies by nine different women.
PinkNews previously revealed how a minor political party in Coventry promised to “rescue” children being raised by same-sex couples and abolish same-sex marriage in the lead up to the 2015 general election.
In leaflets were delivered at the time on behalf of the ‘Mainstream’ party, pledges were made to “End same-sex adoption regardless of the couple’s lifestyle choice”, and to “abolish same-sex ‘marriage’”.

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