5 Unbelievable Facts About Growing Beard For The First Time

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It is said that a person’s beard reflects the individual’s personality. Growing beard has always been in fashion, although in the past few years there has been a dip in the same. But whatever goes around, comes back. So currently, once again beard is a style statement. Here are some ways to deal with growing a beard for the first time:


  1. a) Be patient: For most people, it takes almost one month to have fully grown the beard. Initially, the beard should not be over-shaped, as one should first be aware of the complete structure. So no trimmer should be used to make all the facial hair even.


  1. b) Come to terms with the Itch: For the first week, there will be a prickly sensation, as if a cactus is poking the skin. But this sensation is just a temporary one and nothing should be done apart from bearing the same, as this is the time when the beard brushes and grows in one direction.


  1. c) Keep it Clean: Facial hair should be kept clean regularly, especially while it is growing, otherwise, there might be dirt trapped underneath. It is advisable to wash facial hair twice a week, just like using shampoo for hair on the head. A gentle shampoo along with a conditioner is preferable.


  1. d) Prevent hard lines: Initially, the hair should be allowed to grow about 1-2 inches above Adam’s apple. Then it should be allowed to be faded using a trimmer.


  1. e) Face must be shaped: This means let’s say if someone has a round face, then a square-ish beard would look appropriate. The aim should be same for all though, the trim should be tighter along the cheeks and a little longer hair should be kept in the goatee.


So, when growing facial hair for the first time, do the above the mentioned things as that would ensure a healthy and good looking beard. Growing beard is a daunting and thrilling experience, although it requires discipline and routine like most other things in life. Finally, it is also important to keep in mind, that genes have a major role to play here. So everybody might not have the same length, density, and thickness of facial hair. Apart from this, now is a good time to start grooming the beard.

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