5 Reasons Why Your Diet Fail (2 minute read)

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diet failVery few people actually stick through with their diets and reach their desired physique. To be one of these few people, knowing what usually makes people fail their diet is good knowledge.

1. Calories set too low. Not eating enough

You should be at a deficit of a few hundred calories for a good and steady fat loss. Diets out there based on soups or juices are usually too harsh on the deficit and might cause all kinds of hormonal and metabolism problems. It’s not healthy to crash diet and you will eventually get burned out and give up on these diets and go back to old food habits. Have a meal plan where you lose fat in a controlled and steady rate instead.

2. Only dieting usually doesn’t work.

Sure you can work out as well for faster results but in the long run, changing your lifestyle is much better for overall health and dieting success. With a lifestyle change where you become more active, have more hobbies and so on, dieting and working out becomes easier. A mindset or lifestyle change is so powerful that it will get you become more active  and bail on workouts less often.

3. Binge eating

Binge eating is not okay, it destroys days and sometimes even a week of dieting results. If you binge eat at any given time 1 or 2 things need to change. We need to work on your mindset, self-discipline and willpower or your meal plan might be too hard to stick to and needs to change. Just raising the daily calories a bit or having a refeed day can help tremendously. Intermittent fasting can help with binge eating by having more calories left for a huge evening meal, read about intermittent fasting diet here.

4. Lack of nutrients

Eat healthy while you are on a diet. Not only is it more filling but chances are you’ll get the nutrients you need. In a deficit we are already weaker and “starving”, lack of crucial nutrients will only make it worse. Read this article for more info on how an optimal meal plan should look like! 

5. Tracking is key

Track weight, track body fat with some calipers or take photos now and then. Fat loss is quite slow and you slowly get used to your new size and should therefore track the progress not only by the mirror. Even if results are hard to see in the mirror sometimes, the scale or photos might give you the motivation needed. With progress come even more motivation. Track progress at the gym whether it’s pounds on every exercise or minutes/ intensity on a cardio machine in order to see improvements and where you can improve further. Track calories carefully in the beginning or when you plateau, chances are you are underestimating the calories you are eating. I recommend strongly against intuitive eating or not counting calories with an app as a beginner. For more info on miscalculating calories check this article !

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