10 Ways to Reinvent Your Garden with Permaculture

Practical Ways to Start Following Permaculture Principles in
Your Garden

So, you’ve taken an interest in permaculture and have decided to start growing your own self sustainable garden – congratulations. You have discovered a way to become part of the solution to the world’s ills rather than part of the problem. Perhaps you have read about the theory of permaculture and thought about the principles of permaculture garden design but need a little help to turn ideas into practical action? Here is a brief practical guide for beginners to help show you how you can begin to implement permaculture in your garden:

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Garden with PermacultureStage One: Creating Your Growing Space

Step 1: Permaculture Garden Bed Design

Permaculture teaches us that a ‘no dig’ approach is best and that the soil ecosystem should be disturbed as little as possible. But how should we go about actually creating growing space without disturbing the soil? Raised beds are an answer. The edges of beds or containers can be made from whatever you have around: wood, stone, glass bottles stuck into the ground, reclaimed bricks etc. – creativity is key. You can then create a growing medium by layering cardboard, paper or sticks and twigs with green garden waste and scraps from your kitchen. Alternatively, you can use straw as a primary growing medium or create mounds for hugelkultur filled with rotting logs. You should use your best wheelbarrow to make the process easier. Put a layer of compost on top in which to plant your vegetables. All this allows the ecosystem in your garden’s topsoil to thrive. 

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Garden with PermacultureStep 2: Herb Spirals

Edges are the most productive part of any ecosystem. Permaculture beds make the most of the ‘edge effect’ by maximizing the amount of edge available. Spiral beds for herbs are one popular permaculture garden project. The spiral can be created, again, using whatever is (legally) available in your area. It will maximize the amount of edge for growing and also provide conditions suitable for lots of herbs in a relatively small space.

This is just the introduction to a free ebook that you can read and download here:

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